How do I get started?

There are two options.

1: Sign up on the home page. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate. Once you’ve activated the link, you can upload to the Media Centre, create a Tap, respond to a crew invitation to join an existing Tap, comment on other people's media and Taps, and share them on social media or embed them in your blog or website.

2: Without signing up you can still visit and search the Media Centre, share media and Taps on social media or embed them in your blog or website, and be audience on a Tap.

What do I need?

To view the Wheel and watch Tap events, all you need is a computer with internet access and a web browser with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player (update here http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer). Waterwheel can also be viewed on Android handheld devices. To perform or present in a Tap event you will need the above plus a webcam, with microphone and computer speakers on. Wearing a headset is advisable if there are two or more webcams on stage. Depending on what you want to do, it may help if you have a working knowledge of online chat/communications and video/sound/image editing/mixing. And whatever media, equipment and skills you regularly use in your practice. The interface can be as basic and simple or complex and powerful as you need it to be.

What is a Tap?

The Tap is Waterwheel's interactive interface on which users can make their own "Taps". Taps are virtual stages for live collaborative events in which you can display and mix images, videos, animations, audio, live drawing and webcams simultaneously. Registered users can create a Tap and invite their "crew". Taps go live during scheduled times, and can be private amongst the crew or public to an online audience. These sessions are called Tap events. In a Tap event, crew members can re-position, re-size, fade and overlay media instantaneously for all to see, and audience can communicate immediately via text chat.

What can I do on a Tap?

As a crew member: you can organise private or public meetings, workshops, webinars, presentations, performances and be creative. Your team (crew) can be anywhere in the world. You can put up to 6 webcams on stage (but be many more in the crew), manipulate media that you've selected from the Media Centre prior to the session, and draw live. You can visually organise the stage by moving webcams or media around and place them wherever you want.
As audience: You can watch the stage, comment and respond in the chat by typing in the bottom field and pressing ENTER/RETURN, discuss with other audience members and exchange ideas. 

How can I manipulate media and webcams on the Tap?

Please refer to the manual (pdf) which includes notes on webcam settings. | lea el manual in español 

What timezone do I use when scheduling a Tap?

Waterwheel displays all times according to the time set on your computer or device. Therefore, when setting a schedule for a Tap event, use your local timezone. 

How long can I stay on the Tap?

The maximum duration of a Tap session is 3 hours, but you can schedule several sessions in a row if needed. When you are in the Tap, there is a timer at the top right near the logo. Note that when the time's up, the Tap closes without warning. We recommend allowing 5-10minutes before the end to wrap up.

Why does the Tap open before the scheduled time?

Audience and crew members can enter a Tap 30 minutes before the scheduled time. Crew can position and test media and webcams, adjust microphone levels etc on the stage but the audience will not see or hear anything on the stage. However, the audience type chat is open, and accessible for audience to meet each other, and crew to introduce themselves or brief audience if they want to.

How can I know when there are Tap events?

Upcoming public Tap events can be found in the navigation menu under "Taps". You can see how long until they go live or if one is marked "live" you can enter immediately. When you sign up you can also tick a box "Alert me about upcoming taps" and you will receive notifications by email of upcoming public Taps.

How do I create a Tap?

Once you’ve signed up and activated your account, you can create a new Tap, or respond to a crew invitation to join an existing Tap. Click the "Make a Tap" button and follow the prompts. Give your Tap a title, a description and select a category.

How do I get people to my Tap?

To invite people to your Tap, add them as Crew. They will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate and join your Tap. You can access Taps you’ve created or joined via "My Taps". You can also "Invite Audience", which will email chosen people the Tap's direct link (URL), day and time of your public session(s).

How do I adjust webcam settings?

Please refer to the manual (pdf) which includes notes on webcam settings. | lea el manual in español 

How can I check if the Tap will work on my network, or if I have problems connecting to the Tap?

You can check if your current connection is setup correctly for the Tap here. Otherwise ensure your firewall allows TCP port 1935. This is needed to allow RTMP communication for the Tap system.

How can I organise a node with guests on site?

please refer to the guide in English, Spanish and French

How can I find past event on the Tap?

Go to the left menu, click on Taps. You will have access to an advanced search by Tap's name, date or category.

What is a log? How can I find the log of a particular Tap?

A log is the transcription of the type chat of a particular Tap session. So anything you type is kept on the log, as a crew member and as audience. You can access the log by first going to the Taps, then searching the Tap by name or date or category. Once, you are on that Tap page, you will see in the left column, between Schedules and Comments all the Logs. Click on the link of the session you are interested in.

What can I upload?

Video, audio, photography, illustration, animation, slideshows, performance, presentation, networked performance/presentation, webcasts, voice, music, sound, writing, text, news, research, spreadsheets, information, data …Anything that contributes to the theme of water as a topic and metaphor. And complies with our Terms and Conditions.

What are the steps in uploading media?

- prepare your media (see format below)
- register / log in
- go to Media Centre
- upload file(s)
Note: while it indicates "processing", please complete: title, key words, and short description (once that's done, please leave the window open while it completes processing)
- SAVE once the upload is finished. 

How do I prepare media for upload?

Notes for the preparation of media types can be found at the top of the Media Centre.
Image (JPG, PNG) - video (MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG) - animation (SWF) - audio (WAV, MP3) - document (RTF, DOC, XLS, PDF) - slideshow (PDF). 

Can I change file details or upload a new version of the file?

Yes. Once logged in, go to Media Centre > My Media > click on the little pencil at bottom right (next to the cross), and you can edit. At the end, SAVE!

Why wouldn't my uploaded media show in the Media Centre?

You must enter all details (title, tags, description etc) for the media to show. Go to "My Media", choose the media in question. Click on the triangle (in a white circle) next to the file name where it says "details". Fill all fields and save. 

Why are categories important?

Categories help others to decide which Tap they want to watch or find media that they are interested in.

Why are Tags important for my uploads?

Tags (or Keywords) help to sort, store, locate and retrieve media in the Media Centre. It’s a good idea to have several tags to better identify your media. Some Tags will be auto-suggested once you choose a category. You can select those which fit your content, and/or add your own.
HINT: any search / filter result can be used like a gallery or portfolio if you copy and paste the url in an email or webpage, for example. 

How do I contact a Waterwheel member?

You simply write a comment under one of the member's uploaded media or Taps, and your comment will be emailed directly to them.

Who “owns” the uploaded content?

Waterwheel is created in the spirit of collaborating and sharing. You need to own or have the right to use the media you upload. And you need to allow others to use your uploaded media. Please see our Terms and Conditions and Copyright Policy.