Kate Harrinden - Q&A

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Kate Harriden is the principal of New Flows Research.
She regularly presents at national and international conferences. Kate guest lectures in the “Exploring Gender and Development” course in the Australian National University’s (ANU) Master of Applied Anthropology & Participatory Development program. Her research provides an example of a participatory research approach, including both qualitative and quantitative research methods, with a strong gender focus. She talked in this presentation about the Water Diary.

Documentation of a Q&A following a presentation on Daily Tap with Suzon on 19June 2012

Kate holds Asian Studies (Thai) and science (geography) undergraduate degrees and a Master of Arts (Asian Studies). She is a Master of Geographical Sciences candidate at the ANU’s Fenner School. She is the coordinator of the household water use researchers’ network and the steering committee coordinator for Tapping the Turn, an international conference on water’s social dimensions.

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