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'Water Conversations' presentation by Anna Macleod

A long term research based series of visual art projects that address water issues in rural and urban contexts, examining attitudes to water in a variety of global locations where water is either plentiful or scarce, mismanaged, contaminated and subject to infrastructural failure, difficult to access, celebrated as a deity, privatized or more expensive than oil. ( Projects in Ireland, Ghana, India, USA & Mongolia)

‘Water Conversations’ is the umbrella term for this ongoing series of projects. The projects address issues of water through political, social and cultural lenses and aims to build an alternative global commons map through water. The series has been structured as a mobile project that initiates local discussions, interviews, and exchanges on the politics, traditions and practices surrounding water use in a variety of regions seeking out commonalities of experience and perception with site specific variations. http://www.annamacleod.com

this is part of the documentation of the Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 2013

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