Flow Chart, Part II by Andrea Selwood

by andrea Selwood

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Here, the art installation is recorded in situ with the live interaction of members of the Houghton Valley Community.
Flow Chart references the original ecology of the valley ('body of the land'), historical planning and former use as a city landfill. The "flow on" effect points to the purifying effects of water in diluting the chemical leachate which currently flows to the sea via the stormwater system, an ongoing environmental issue for the nearby valley and coastal residents.
See also Flow Chart, Part I which documents the process of making the artwork, a metaphor for the mapping and shaping of the landscape using the layered transparency of wet and dry media on continuous paper roll.
This piece shares participation with local art group and community initiative called 'Raising the Creek'. Follow weblink; http://houghtonvalley.org.nz/

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