Houghton Valley Spring Clearing

by Jenny Rattenbury

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An ongoing collaborative project to create awareness within the community of the existing freshwater streams in the valley, by weeding and clearing the channels, restoring the bush and creating a track for people to visit the springs.

What I am really interested in is a different concept of caring for public lands. The difference is in creative engagement: in shaping a space through weeding and pruning the plants and channelling the water, in discovering the past of the place and visualising its future. In listening to the place, sensing its energy, and as with Feng Shui enhancing the good energy and clearing the bad. Seeing how the water responds to what we do is another way of pulling us back again and again to do more.

The short sections of tracks we have created so far are a symbol of the clarity we have achieved in ourselves through working with the space. After fighting the slopes and the undergrowth, these few moments of ease of movement give a feeling of serenity and a chance to really engage with the space around.

See also the video by Geoff Hume-Cook.


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