Putawai - Lifting the Creek

by Grant Corbishley

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We have lost our creek. The fresh water was put into a pipe and buried under a landfill (domestic and industrial garbage dump) 70 years ago. Now leachate (toxins) mixes with fresh water and flows down the pipe onto our beach. We want to lift the creek back to the surface and keep the water clean.

The aim of this project is to invite our community to think about what the creek means to them as it was, as it is and as it could be. By collectively acknowledging the loss of part of our landscape we want to initiate a process of healing, as a first step towards lifting the creek and taking on the responsibility of caring for it in the future. We have begun exploring connections between the story of our creek and the story of the loss of and rebuilding of our community. As water fills a space created for it, so can a community develop resilience and connective spirit when focused projects and activities invite everyone. Please read this in conjunction with our website: www.houghtonvalley.org.nz in particular, http://houghtonvalley.org.nz/playing/lifting%20the%20creek/lift_creek.html


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