Short documentary by Lea Petrou, 100 Boats, 100 Waters, Act I

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One Hundred Boats, One Hundred Waters, Act I
Short documentary about the intervention by Lea Petrou and 4th grade students of the International School of Piraeus, Greece

Documentation of the Tap event
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3WDS14 - Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 2014
#5 session - VOICE OF THE FUTURE 1

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on 10/4/14
leapetrou said:
The interactive performance titled "One Hundred Boats, One Hundred Waters" was realized by the visual artist Lea Petrou in collaboration with a group of 2nd and 4th grade students of the International School of Piraeus (candidate PYP school). Lea Petrou’s art-work often has an interactive aspect, which is important for the completion of the pieces. People walking on the streets or working at different shops, gallery visitors, school students, locals, tourists or immigrants of different geographical locations are invited to participate in her art projects. Piraeus is a city built by the sea and has two ports: one for small boats and one for big ships, which is of the biggest ones in Europe. Therefore the International School of Piraeus’ students are similarly sensitive towards the sea as well as the drinking water pollution. One hundred designed paper boats and one hundred glasses filled with tap water and with water-related drawings on them, were handed out to people around the streets of Piraeus. All drawings were created in collaboration with students from the International School of Piraeus (IB candidate school) and were inspired by specific PYP lines of inquiry. The performance lasted one and a half hours, outside Cake Pastry Shop of Piraeus, on Tuesday 18th March, and was part of the Greek node of the Water Wheel World Symposium 2014, an online symposium to "make" and "share" about water.