Coburg & Poitiers Nodes - excerpts of animations & haiku

by waterwheel waterwheel

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Coburg Node
Animations: "Das Leben eines Wasserhahn/ The life of a Tap" by Patrick Loffler & students from Alexandrinum (12-15 years)

Poitiers Node
"Haiku for Water" part 3, results of children's workshop
at Le Lieu Multiple - Espace Mendès in France
team: Marika Boutou, Olivier Naudin, Paula Velez, Michel Canuel & Patrick Treguer
Multimedia haiku made in 2 days - part of VOICE OF THE FUTURE

Documentation of the Tap event
where all info and media are available
3WDS14 - Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 2014
#36 session - VOICE OF THE FUTURE 6

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