e-Tears of War and Healing

by Lila Moore

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e-Tears of War and Healing
by Lila Moore

War smells.
War invades the atmosphere,
polluting everything that exists:
the elements, the light of the moon.
The fire of war is cold.
The hot water of war freezes the heart.
The tears of war burn coldly on abandoned faces.
War is meaningless but meanings can be found in water.
War is when ordinary communication comes to a halt.

The phone becomes a messenger of life and death.
The phone is mute in the water.
The senseless noise of war dissolves.
Sounds from outer-space send peace signals
in an alien language.
The phone's ghost communes with the water.
The tears of war drop into the pool,
Healing water draws them in.

The short video was made during the Gaza-Israel conflict in July 2014.
It reflects on a logo of a local mobile phone, floating on a pool by a shopping centre.

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on 26/3/15
JamesC said:
Hi Lila :) The Waterwheel Team thanks you for contributing to HOT WATER — Water, Peace & War. We were delighted with the number of responses to the call — 140 contributions from about 70 people! All the works are viewable on the Media Centre. Selected contributions will be highlighted for discussion in two online panels on the Tap at water-wheel.net/taps/view/791. Congratulations, this contribution is amongst those chosen for the second panel. We hope that you will be able to make it to one or both of the panels.