Cool earth

by silvana tuccio

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By "thinking" could we just get the point about water, climate and the coastline? "Cool earth" is an invitation to reflect, through the qualities of water and the quietitude that water views offer, on the importance of water towards bringing the heat of the planet down, and halting the "escalation" towards overheating, conflict and insensitiveness. "Beholding" water is both "being" and "holding" which implies creating space for water to enter our consciousness. So let's seek water, and cool the earth. Silvana.


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on 27/3/15
JamesC said:
Hi, Silvana. The Waterwheel Team thanks you for contributing to HOT WATER — Water, Peace & War. We were delighted with the number of responses to the call — 140 contributions from about 70 people! As you know, all the works are viewable on the Media Centre. Looking forward to having you on the panel.