We are not Plants

by Vivienne Glance

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'We are not Plants' brings together the research of Dr Monica Gagliano, the poetry of Vivienne Glance and the videography of Darren Vassallo on a collaborative work that explores what we can learn from plants and how they use water.
Monica's research focuses on key aspects of the ecological processes by which organisms are able to gather information on the variable conditions of their surrounding environment in order to survive. Drawing on this and combined with Vivienne's poetry and Darren's visual artistry, 'We are not Plants' explores the way plants seek out and share water; how some of the most ancient of plants, the mosses, are adapted (unlike us) to survive without water; and asks how willing we are to adapt our thinking to ensure our survival into the future. Can we find the solutions in our own minds?

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on 28/3/15
VivienneG said:
And are you able to let us know if our contribution will be discussed?
on 28/3/15
VivienneG said:
What time are the sessions - is it USA time, too?
on 27/3/15
JamesC said:
Hi, Vivienne. The Waterwheel Team thanks you for contributing to HOT WATER — Water, Peace & War. We were delighted with the number of responses to the call — 140 contributions from about 70 people! All the works are viewable on the Media Centre. Selected contributions will be highlighted for discussion in two online panels on the Tap at http://water-wheel.net/taps/view/791. We do hope that you will be able to come as online audience to one or both of the panels. Whether logged in or not, anyone can freely access these streamed sessions online, through computers with regular browsers, and are welcome to type comments to other audience members or the panel.