Into Silence

by Robert Wilson

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curated by Russell Milledge - Bonemap - for Water Works! - 7 session

"Into Silence" is a message that the human consciousness is transcendent and capable of creating realities as yet undreamed of even in the face of environmental degradation, gloom and doom. It is a multilevel excursion into different layers of the conscious and subconscious to create a so-called altered state by running simultaneous guided meditation and a ticker-tape of alternative media headlines which challenge the sleep state. It is a thought-form and an invitation. It is designed to be watched as a repetitive loop to take in the secondary message which is... "Visit" and discover the story behind the the worlds water reserves and the so-called approaching Global Water Shortages, planned Water Wars including information on water mismanagement and the scurrilous untruths manifest in the mainstream media being represented as fact.

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