Water Well_2 Ritual

by Zinaida Lihacheva

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Due to the draught both the wells and the water had disappeared. At a later time Ukrainian people used rituals in order to show respect and contain water in the wells. Today, many of these traditions have been forgotten and people believe that there is an easier way of getting water. They tend to drill wholes in the ground or similar actions which actually makes the situation worse rather than better.

On the first day of Spring, Zinaida Lihacheva has created a performance about national lost traditions in order to recreate and these rituals using two different types of wells and decorate them (one being up to 15 meters deep and the other up to 3 meters). The objective of this performance was to show respect to the water source and keep the water in the wells throughout Ukraine, especially in the summer. This was very important to do at this moment because of the terrible draught of the effects of summer 2015. Not only Ukraine, but many countries all over the world suffered this terrible ecological tragedy. Many rivers and wells dried out; this was a terrible catastrophe and it needs to be changed.

In Ukraine the well was considered to be holy and the source of drinking water. Water had a sacral meaning in the life and traditions of Ukrainian people.


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