by Tracey Benson

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Bio_Logging is a collaboration between Artist Dr Nigel Helyer and Dr Mary-Ann Lea of the Institue for Marine and Antarctic Studies (University of Tasmania, Hobart) which seeks to link scientific bio-logging and GIS techniques with the Artist’s interests in interactive acoustic cartography, data signification and the development of Audio-Portraits to extend the conceptual and intuitive grasp of otherwise abstract data.
Under the Icecap aims to illuminate the fundamental connection between human activities and planetary dynamics, by creating an experimental installation and performance series that will visualise and sonify scientific and statistical datasets. In essence Under the IceCap renders complex environmental bio-logging data-sets collected by Southern Elephant Seals on their under-ice dives and open ocean transits with economic and climatic data, combining them to form 4D cartographic animations, sonifications and live performative and sculptural forms.


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