Ri_Ricardo Dal Farra

by Ricardo Dal Farra

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Entre mi cielo y tu agua (Between my sky and your water) is a picture in sound of the geography and culture of some Latin American regions, and their links with the geography and culture of the Nordic region.

Surrounded by water or asking for it, with clear and bright skies or cloudy days and long nights, maybe different languages but perhaps common hopes. Who knows? Bridges are all around, both real and virtual. Impossible connections, feelings, thoughts and sensations flows across my sky and through your water.

This piece was composed in 2007 using sounds recorded by colleagues in their native lands - north of Europe, with plenty of water around; and by colleagues living and visiting the Cusco region, ancient heart of the Inca’s empire in the higher mountains of Peru, closer to the sun but far from the ocean.

Entre mi cielo y tu agua was composed as part of the North-South project.

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