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excerpt of Ice Fall by Zahra Mani
curated by Leah Barclay for Water Works! - 4 session

Following a "big freeze" in the winter of 2014 in South Styria & Slovenia, a 2 - 3 inch layer of ice formed overnight and caused major disruptions. It took over a week for the ice to melt in some places, and the prolonged stillness gave way to a phenomenal acoustic event, with icicles crashing down from treetops and rooftops, and thick layers of ice cracking, trickling and gushing as they melted. Ice avalanches brought down trees and volumes of snow as the ice crackled, crumbled, crashed and thundered down into the valley.
This piece is about water in its various forms and viscous, solid, unstoppable force, about transformation and perception.

The field recordings at the centre of ice fall are permeated by the sounds of a bowed double bass, whereby the naturally occurring frequencies are echoed in the vibrating, resonating instrumental sounds, stretched through and around the recorded landscape. I gathered most of the field recordings in the vicinity of KlangHaus Untergreith, where I was artist in residence at the time.

entire audio is here http://water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6109

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