Water Circle - 22.02.2016 - Suomelinna - Finland, ice boat recipient for ritual

by Joana PatrĂ£o

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This is the recipient used to perform the first 'Water Circle', in the World Water Day, at Suomelinna, Finland. This event is part of a bigger project called 'Water Circles' (Environmental Art Project) that invites people to get together with a small quantity of water collected from a natural source and share their experiences, stories, wishes, related to that water. This sharing is also made by the symbolic act of pouring the waters into the same recipient - in this case a natural one, made of ice.

video link: https://vimeo.com/160738823

More about the project and how to participate:

Water Circles Project by Emilio Zamudio, Sade Hiidenkari, Joana Patrão


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