bonemap: hi
bonemap: type in here
-hello: hello
-hello: i can hear no delay
-hello: yeah
-hello: so you cant see me
-hello: wow
-hello: sounds good
-hello: so can you adjust the screen?
bonemap: I can add presentation material
-hello: can you add more cameras?
-hello: interesting
-hello: ok
-hello: can you use an slr?
-hello: pretty blocky
-hello: low res
-hello: ok sounds good
-hello: seems pretty good hasnt dropped out at all
-hello: test feed?
bonemap: so could you have a look at you download speed
-hello: kuranda has a pretty bad connection
bonemap: if it is working for you I am feeling confident we can stay at CoCa to runthe event
-hello: just trying speed test
-hello: ok no worries
bonemap: hi back again
bonemap: type into the caht if you can hear me?
-Hello: I can see and hear you now
-Hello: it just started owkring
-Hello: the flash is slowing down the audio
-Hello: its still sounding a bit funny
-Hello: slight delay
-Hello: I cant hear you very well
bonemap: I 2think its because there is music playing here which might be cancelling so I can try to turn of noise reduction and see if that improves
-Hello: have you got your speakers on?
bonemap: no i don\\\'t
-Hello: ok
bonemap: hi I am back
bonemap: not happening for Sarah
bonemap: she will go out the uni
bonemap: and give me a call
bonemap: to be at coca by 1:30
bonemap: so if you want go ready that\\\'s fine
bonemap: will see you at coca when you get heare before 1:30pm
-Hello: sounds good
-Hello: will get some gear and be down soon
bonemap: ok see you then
-Hello: nice flash :)
-Hello: seems to be working better now.. audio is still not 100%
bonemap: ok will see you soon sounds like you have enough gesr to run the presentations through the streaming system
-Hello: Im sure we will work something out
-Hello: see you soon
-suzon: hi
-suzon: how is it going?
bonemap: hi
bonemap: we are starting Terrestrial Nerve
bonemap: at 2pm our time
bonemap: just testing upload speed at the moment
-suzon: ok
-suzon: we just arrived at a friend\\\'s place where we will stay the rest of the week
-suzon: Montreal
bonemap: I hope it is pleasant enough for you there
-suzon: yes
bonemap: can I test webcam with you? still limited upload speed here at CoCA
JamesBomd: hi
JamesBomd: just happened to come across this live tap
Rocket: hello
JamesBomd: hey rocket
Rocket: we\\\'re live wires
Rocket: how was it?
JamesBomd: tony fry was great
JamesBomd: and few others..but it all seems a bit bourgois
Rocket: i like tony
JamesBomd: a bit dostressing too..the realities of environmental disaster around the world..and here we are previledged enough to ponder it all in a paradise such as \\\"noosa\\\"
bonemap: We are just trying to work out the ios camera feed
JamesBomd: i can see
JamesBomd: there is a lot of lush red there. is it your home?
JamesBomd: yes
JamesBomd: giggles
JamesBomd: you mean \\\" works on one browser\\\"
Rocket: not really
JamesBomd: it\\\'s a well known one tho
JamesBomd: train cam
JamesBomd: iwebcamera
JamesBomd: msanycam
bonemap: its iwebcamera and software developer is called drahtwerk
bonemap: it seems to only work with the chrome browser
bonemap: so i had from suzion today to pass on this information to someone?
bonemap: so thats what I am doing
bonemap: I will cc you as well James
JamesBomd: ok
bonemap: OH my emails to you seem to bounce back alot!
JamesBomd: yes. i have a \\\"residency\\\" in clare dyson bar..the back room of
JamesBomd: yes
JamesBomd: @igneous
JamesBomd: she has a bar called room 60
JamesBomd: there\\\'s a room out the back
JamesBomd: they are trying to get performance artists to do stuff
JamesBomd: i sugned up but to do nothing in the room for 4 hrs at a time
JamesBomd: then i open it up for anyone to do nothing with me
JamesBomd: when does the train come by?
Rocket: do you know that artist tshing sing unsure of spelling singed a manifesto not to do a performance of no performance for 13 years
JamesBomd: yes i know his work well. i love him
-alberto: Hola;hI,dears all
JamesBomd: alberto!! lol!!
Rocket: hello
Rocket: its a late night soire
-alberto: i just call with Suzon
JamesBomd: our 3 visitors from Argentina are asleep
JamesBomd: Suzon is sitting at the other end of the table with me
Rocket: hi suzon
-alberto: yes,i know,but you must go to sleep also,dear James
JamesBomd: Rebecca and Russell, please let me introduce the famous Alberto from Buenos Aires who is an ambassador of Waterwheel
JamesBomd: :)
Rocket: the train comes mostly 4 times a day
JamesBomd: i saw a car
JamesBomd: 2 cars
Rocket: its happening
-alberto: ehhh,famous,meeeeeeeeeeeeeee????
JamesBomd: obvio!
-alberto: where Roky &bonepap are from??
bonemap: For use of the iPhone camera on the only web browser that seems to recognise the drivers on Mac OS is \\\'Chrome\\\'The software for iOS is iWebcamera Download the drivers for the Mac OS from the website.It works with the same network as the computer feeding the TapTo use an iPhone as a hot spot – this would only work with a second device. For example one iPhone creating the hotspot and another running the iwebcam app to a laptop. The iPhone is then just providing the network for the other devices to communicate.
Rocket: cairns
-alberto: are you now working with phone??
Rocket: yes
-alberto: greatttttttttttttttt
Rocket: and ipod
-alberto: yes,with android
Rocket: no ios
-alberto: ahhhhh,ok
JamesBomd: so..are you describing a mobile rig using 2 iphones and a mac?
Rocket: well may need 3 devices, web cam, gyro, comm device, laptop
Rocket: thats 4
-alberto: are you sending images from phone webcam?
Rocket: russell iphone, rebecca ipod
-alberto: nice music
JamesBomd: yes. from iphone with webcam
JamesBomd: they are in far north queensland
-alberto: then,your experiment work¡¡¡¡
JamesBomd: where are you so close to the tain line??\\\'
JamesBomd: train
-alberto: seem to close
Rocket: its the lens
-alberto: uauuuu,a car passed
bonemap: it is a telephoto lens on the iphone out the window at home
-alberto: uauuuuuuuuuuuu
-alberto: is an animation??
bonemap: flash animation .swf
-alberto: from WW media center?
bonemap: its one of our own - but we have given to the ww media centre i think
JamesBomd: great mix through the layers
JamesBomd: tap finishes in 5 minutes
JamesBomd: Fry on \\\"change\\\": change the way we think. change the way we act. our practises. become re-directive practitioners. solve the problem. act with urgency. act in time. understand that \\\"we\\\" are the problem.
Rocket: yes heard it before
Rocket: meanigful
Rocket: tippingpoint same
JamesBomd: was he there too?
Rocket: no
Rocket: but message same
bonemap: you can click multiple times in the red frame!
bonemap: try to create a strom
bonemap: try to click in the frame 50 times
bonemap: Click multiple times insif=
bonemap: Click multiple times inside the red frame to f
bonemap: click multiple times inside the red frame to generate cells
bonemap: Use the arrow keys on yor keyboard to move the sun and earth symbols around the stage