ianwinters: hi all
ianwinters: we are having a few connectivity issues, but almost up and going
ianwinters: the difficulties of working somewhat far from cell towers.
-hi: hi ian, molly here like the picture
ninahaft: ninahaft: ninahaft: we are here at the hayward shoreline interpretive center, where we came for the January 2014 King Tide. The banner you see here, and the video that will be coming soon from the Cloud will show you clips of our video that day on the water\\\'s edge....
-hi: great
-helen: hi
ninahaft: we \\\'re abut to start the live performacen
-hi: great
mem: why is named Bay-\r\\\"requiem\\\"?
ninahaft: it s named bay requiem
mem: aha ok
mem: thanks
ninahaft: because the area will be underwater in the coming years.
mem: yes yes, heard
mem: hello Nina
-hi: hello nina
paulavelez: Hello I have started recording
paulavelez: Just now.
paulavelez: I am sorry to be late.
ianwinters: thanks!
paulavelez: Have you started long time ago?
ianwinters: just a few minutes ago
paulavelez: ok
ianwinters: noon.
ianwinters: this is chris galegos - one of the dancers
ianwinters: we\\\'re doing introductions
ianwinters: this is rebecca chun, another one of the dancers
ianwinters: this is jesse roberts, dancer / sustainable farmer
-hi: dance and civic engagement
ianwinters: and this is melanie cashawmn.
-hi: i like this
mem: (looks like you have really great microphon\re, sound is very very good)
-hi: yes, audio is great
ianwinters: that\\\'s great. its just a laptop mic in wind
-hi: wow
mem: wow, great!
-helen: hardly any wind sound!
-hi: yes the birds sound good
-hi: oceans are blood stream of earth body
ianwinters: and this is josie
ianwinters: she\\\'s one of the few born and raised natives of the bayside town we\\\'re working in
-hi: cool
ianwinters: we\\\'re moving now into the live performance improv. I\\\'ll (ian) will be on the chat and camera
-Ron: Can you make the image bigger in the frame?
-hi: thank you
ianwinters: and everyone else will be out in the marsh
ianwinters: I\\\'ll be shifting cameras momentarily.
ianwinters: and then alos bringing in and out footage from the hi tide in Jan.
mem: nooooo
mem: maximize!
ianwinters: so this is the marsh we\\\'ve been working in
paulavelez: Beautiful!
paulavelez: This can only be feel when it happens alive
-hi: what is being carried?
paulavelez: It is incredible how with the tap you feel the presence, of people right there!
paulavelez: Here in Paris it is already dark and see such a beautiful day directly is a great pleasure.
paulavelez: Streaming is fantastic with this format, isn\\\'t it?
-helen: love the walkers
paulavelez: yeah!
-hi: yes, walkers are great and its wonderful to think that these dancers are doing this right now
ianwinters: that\\\'s great to know its coming through well
-hi: in that space, with runners going through
paulavelez: yes. I is amazing and strange that feeling. I suppose the television is live sometimes... but is not at all the same. Here , you can feel something else with the presence.
ianwinters: and in the top corner is the satellite view of the salt ponds and bay
-hi: are salt ponds industrial or natural?
paulavelez: that is very nice.
paulavelez: It is fantastic when it happen outdoors
ianwinters: originally natural marsh, then built on an industrial scale with dikes in the 20\\\'s
-hi: does anything live there?
ianwinters: then in the 90\\\'s they started to be reclaimed for migrating bird life
ianwinters: it\\\'s a major stop on teh migratoray bird flight ways
ianwinters: for the west coast.
-hi: cool
ianwinters: In about a month it\\\'ll be filled with nesting birds
-hi: so not used for salt deposits by powerplant or industry?
williamwaterway: like a bandaid to help heal an injured part of our Earth
-hi: what are they carrying in the images?
ianwinters: originally for industry and food.
-hi: ahh
ianwinters: but not since the 90\\\'s
-hi: ahh
ianwinters: the dikes have been breached and opended to the tides
-hi: does it flood there?
Lobeaulieu: very poetic
ianwinters: it does.
-hi: i like contrast of marsh v flooding
ianwinters: the overlaid image is of the same area at teh king (or highest of the high) tides in jan
-hi: in the dance
ianwinters: in the images they are carrying clothes
-hi: very nice
mem: any chance to see some image of birds?
-hi: very moving, the dancers with the overlaid image, like a ghost
ianwinters: maybe... but we\\\'re doing a good job of scaring them off ;-)
-hi: :\\\') LOL
mem: : DDD
-hi: i had the sense of people inhabiting the marsh long ago...
-hi: any local indian lore?
ianwinters: they did...pre 1860\\\'s
ianwinters: it\\\'s the native land of the ohlone
-hi: ah
ianwinters: and most of the high points on the shore are oyster shell mounds
-hi: right, burials and sacred
ianwinters: we\\\'re now setting up for a bit in the marsh
-hi: right
-hi: ?
ianwinters: i\\\'ve overlaid kelp from the edge of the marsh
-hi: that\\\'s beautiful
-hi: underwater and the marshland
ianwinters: and while the dancer\\\'s are getting set
ianwinters: i\\\'ve also put up a view of the area from 10km
ianwinters: you can see the green areas which are the watersheds draining into the bay
-Ron: Has Cargill left the area completely?
ianwinters: yes, cargil is gone. it\\\'s all protected watershed land
ianwinters: this is the 400m view.
ianwinters: and that\\\'s where we are
paulavelez: BellĂ­sima forma, colores. I love that shape and those greens!
ianwinters: and now on to the next live part
mem: great for \rwardrobe
mem: like silent movie\rsceene
mem: but \rin colour
ianwinters: are you all still getting nina\\\'s voiceover?
mem: yes
mem: ah, i meant for begining of scene, when they weren\\\'t so close
ianwinters: great
-hi: hi paula, great you see this from paris
-hi: i love contrast of live with image
-hi: is it same dancers in the film image over?
ianwinters: it is
ianwinters: same chair
-hi: but in costume
ianwinters: and about 50m down the trail from teh spot they are now
-hi: ah
-hi: can\\\'t see dancers, make more transparent?
mem: they are not dancers, swimmres now
-hi: LOL
-hi: drowning
-hi: great scale
-hi: small people, big nature
-hi: this is how environment seems
-hi: bigger than life
-hi: the water of world and disasters, etc
-hi: we are tiny
ianwinters: they are building a new house... ;-)
-hi: struggling
ianwinters: but it doesn\\\'t quite fit together
-hi: great, and what they bring to it
-hi: ha
-hi: bird cam
mem: thank you! xx
ianwinters: got you all a quick view of a hawk
-hi: yes
-hi: cool
-hi: what bird groups work here
-hi: ?
mem: nesting
-hi: audubon?
-hi: sierra?
-hi: local?
ianwinters: audobon, sierra
ianwinters: save the bay
ianwinters: world wildlife fund
ianwinters: regional groups
ianwinters: it\\\'s not quite nesting season
mem: next month than
-hi: i loved that struggling house
-hi: dance
ianwinters: that section of the improv is now done.
ianwinters: yes, next month.
-hi: ok
-hi: what building are we looking at ?
ianwinters: we\\\'re now setting up for the last section of the live improv.
ianwinters: we\\\'re looking at the ramp of the nature center.
ianwinters: I\\\'ll give you a quick video tour of the surrounding area.
ianwinters: freeway, airport nature center
-hi: got it
ianwinters: here we are. Eden Landing
mem: this interludes are \rsomehow theatrical
ianwinters: chem plant and sewage tratement
-hi: its great to have them, while others set up!
mem: like curtain is down between changning the scenes
-hi: yes
ianwinters: thanks !
-hi: context
ianwinters: its fun, and we wanted to give some context to make something closer to the live experience
mem: make this not to be close-up
-hi: can you tell us why this place was chosen?
ianwinters: here\\\'s the nature center bird viewing plaza
-hi: how that process worked
ianwinters: and toll plaza
ianwinters: we chose it because its one of the most vulnerable to sea level rise
mem: nice terace
-hi: yes, i like platform
ianwinters: and we\\\'re also working with the folks from the nature center over teh long term.
-hi: got it...yes, you said this at start
-hi: got it...is this Sharks in the Backyard?
ianwinters: the an jose sharks - the sports team are about 5 miles south
ianwinters: no great whites here though
ianwinters: we\\\'re now ready to start on the mud flat section
-hi: ha LOL - no I meant the symposium project...i think there is something with kids
-hi: anyway,
paulavelez: I imagine how it was when the moon landing was transmited for the first time
-hi: ha LOL
-hi: right
mem: here they are!
-hi: that nascent sense of transmission
mem: ciao to \rbirds
-hi: eek
-hi: ambient banging
mem: not afraid of leeches? brrr
-hi: looks murky - fear of water?
ianwinters: sorry about the camera moves.
ianwinters: and here we go
-hi: the dancers are like children
-hi: vulnerable
paulavelez: is it cold?
mem: whats that in the water?
mem: duck?!
ianwinters: seaweed, algae,
paulavelez: the walkers... hahahaha
williamwaterway: Is one of the dancers named Jesse Keller?
ianwinters: the residue of hi tide
mem: yuck
-hi: yoga
-hi: i recognize some postures
-hi: warrier
-hi: warrior
-hi: bird like
-hi: pecking
mem: ok, it\\\'s good if there are no leeches
-hi: love that the way he balanced
-hi: great dance move
-hi: like stepping in creeks
-hi: slipery
-hi: like having more dancers
ianwinters: its the magic of video
-hi: right
-hi: wonderful
mem: but with live text is more \rlively
mem: when enter full screen mode, it\\\'s not so good
-hi: :;)
ianwinters: and that\\\'s what we\\\'ve got for live performance
-hi: clap
-hi: clap
ianwinters: we\\\'re bringing the dancers up to chat with you all.
-hi: clap
mem: wohoooooooo! bravooooooooooooo!
-hi: yaya
mem: great! clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap
-Ron: Bravi!
williamwaterway: EXCELLENT!!!!
-hi: that was wonderful
-hi: Kings Tides
-hi: rapport developed over time
-jaceee: where exactly are we?
paulavelez: My hard disk is almost full.
paulavelez: I can not record anymore.
-hi: are you recordign?
-jaceee: hei Paula!
paulavelez: I should back up what I did today. the recording
paulavelez: Yes, I was recording
paulavelez: hei jaceeee
-hi: no audi
-hi: audio
ninahaft: hi sorry!
-hi: hi ok now
ninahaft: we\\\'re back
-hi: yes\\\'
mem: hear you now
ianwinters: and now we\\\'re aboth back
ianwinters: our internet connection went down for a minute
-hi: yes it is
-hi: you are fine
-hi: can hear you
ianwinters: can you see the dancers speaking
-hi: yes
ianwinters: does any one ahve particular questions for the dancers? thoughts?
paulavelez: Great set up girls!
-hi: excellent and with two
-Ron: Hi Jaz!
-jaceee: where are you exactly?
-hi: two at a time...
ianwinters: if you look at the background picture
williamwaterway: SO COOL - U ALL DID GREAT!
ianwinters: we\\\'re where the bridge enters the water on teh bottom left.
-hi: that\\\'s what i wanted to know, so much to relate to...
-jaceee: like, country, state, city?
-hi: i wnted to know how the sound and other elements were for you?
ianwinters: hayward, ca usa
ianwinters: 37degrees north
williamwaterway: WHAT MAKE OF LAPTOP ARE U USING??
-jaceee: okay, I was thinking it was the Bay area with that fragment of aerial photo
ianwinters: a grabbag of macs
-jaceee: and what organization?
-jaceee: school?
ianwinters: we\\\'re on SF Bay.
-hi: i sensed struggle in first pieces...then more of a group towards end
-jaceee: I like the double camera work
ianwinters: Two different cell phone hotspots
williamwaterway: GOTCHA - THNK U
-jaceee: you are getting good streaming speeds...
-hi: yes, the streaming is great
-hi: hi
paulavelez: I should go now. Have a great rest of the day and congratulations for your performance. There where beautiful images, it was a pleasure
williamwaterway: YES - GOOD SOUND AND VID
ianwinters: that\\\'s great to hear. we were nervous at 11:50 ...
paulavelez: Bye!
-hi: bye
-hi: i really liked a delicate move you made, as if you were going to slip...i remember this motion,
-hi: i\\\'m sending this to chris
-hi: sure
-hi: got it
ianwinters: i just read it out for him.
-hi: its a way we have of balancing
-hi: i heared you
-jaceee: have you ever done telematic performance before?
-hi: hi mary
-bb: Jessi....Great
ianwinters: mary and i have, but i think this is the first itme for most of the dancers
-jaceee: great...
-jaceee: and Ian are you the facilitator?
-jaceee: teacher?
-hi: ian, your framing from above on last part was very effective..nina, your context was very great
-hi: very clear
-hi: i was so impressed
-hi: lovely
-hi: wind dance
ianwinters: i\\\'m the visual and tech piece of it all.
-hi: u are !
ianwinters: so part facilitaor part instigator
-jaceee: nice -- is it a school crew, or an ad hoc art group?
mem: yes, definitely you are
-hi: got it
-hi: gorgeous visuals
-hi: love to hear the dancers talk about dancing outside
ianwinters: ahh. mary and i run a group called the milkbar - it\\\'s an artist\\\'s collective
ianwinters: and small venue in oakland
ianwinters: ca
-jaceee: cool...
ianwinters: Nina is a long time collaborator of both of our\\\'s
-jaceee: I get to the Bay area on occasion, it\\\'d be nice to cross paths...
ianwinters: so we\\\'re working with her dance company
ianwinters: definitley look us up. the milkbar site is milkbar.org
-hi: i study mobile culture and its fantastic to hear about dancer\\\'s views
-jaceee: I\\\'ve done 20+ years of telematic performance work and it\\\'s always interesting to see what folks are doing!
ianwinters: and then my site is ianwinters.com
-jaceee: good on ya!
-hi: wow
ianwinters: all of our respective contact info is there, and we also host residincies for visiting artists.
-jaceee: tech-no-mad.net
-jaceee: interesting!
ianwinters: will look it up.
-hi: ilike the coupling in the last part...it made me feel, with the cold nd the wind, that the dancers were less vulnerable
-hi: there were three pairs
ianwinters: that\\\'s great to hear you\\\'re enjoying the background storey.
-jaceee: always good to see autonomous cultural activities in the somewhat hostile environment that is the US ;-)
-hi: LOL
williamwaterway: ian - good shoot and connectivity
-hi: battery!
-hi: yeah
-hi: love it
-jaceee: bravo, go for it!!
williamwaterway: BRAVO!!
-hi: BRAVA
-jaceee: clap-clap-clap.....
mem: ianwinters.comianwinters.comianwinters.comianwinters.com
-jaceee: whooohooo!
williamwaterway: PRAYING TO THE WATER GOD
-jaceee: great!
ianwinters: thank you all!!!
mem: oops
ianwinters: we\\\'re going to sign off now
-hi: we watched you
ianwinters: thanks again.
-hi: cheers