-Glisten: Joining from my desk at home!
-Rebecca: HI Glisten
-Lexie: Online in a computer lab\r:) Hello
-Rebecca: HI Lexie
-Rebecca: We\\\'re just setting up
-Rebecca: we\\\'ll start soon
-Lexie: no Problems :)
-Rebecca: waiting music la la la
-Glisten: I have no sound ... ?
bonemap: Hello we are just waiting for the guest speakers to arrive we wont be long
-Glisten: Hi Russell :)
bonemap: Hello :)
Rocket: that\\\'s a metaphorical la la
-Glisten: groovy
-Glisten: OK I see and hear you
bonemap: great,thanks for the update \rGlisten
-Glisten: I can only hear you with your hea\rdset on
bonemap: how does the soudn level sound? we have just moved the camera
-Glisten: I can hear you
-Glisten: I can\\\'t hear Russelll
suzon: Hi Cairns!
Rocket: Hi Suzon
bonemap: hes just about to get back on the microphone
-whaaaat: what am i listing too
suzon: Ah good idea! so we can hear everyone!
-pikachu: Hearing!
-Glisten: the joys of tech interface collaboration!
suzon: i can hear Russell and James
-whaaaat: why the bubbles?
bonemap: water droplets
suzon: i can hear the bubbles
Rocket: effervecence
bonemap: still a bit more setting up but we are almost there
Rocket: to refresh you
Rocket: The symposium has been really excellent
suzon: yes bublling me
-whaaaat: the bubbles go infront of all but the man
-Glisten: echo feedback from somewhere
suzon: Glisten where are you?????
-Glisten: Yorkeys Knob
-Glisten: near JCU but not AT JCU!
suzon: ok!
JamesC: off campus
-Glisten: where are you Suzon and James?
bonemap: Glisten try some head phones to reduce echos
JamesC: not far. in brisbane
suzon: yes headphones help
-Glisten: I have no input to the forum so not my echos!
suzon: sure...
Rocket: Hi Townesville
-Glisten: I think perhaps the lecture room when you are on speaker there
bonemap: yeah there might be a bit of weird room noise
bonemap: from the speaker and mics in the room
-Glisten: no worries!
-whaaaat: NO BUBBLES!!!!!
bonemap: the bubbles are gone :(
-whaaaat: i want the bubbles back
-Glisten: what does \\\"online performance\\\" entail?
Rocket: I\\\'ll get them to answer in a moment
-Glisten: :)
bonemap2: james needs a lot of head room
-Glisten: how is the presentaion being manipulated?
bonemap: it can manipulated by the crew behind the scenes
suzon: yes i was moving the webcams and put the slides on
suzon: i will show soon how it works behind the scene
suzon: a key of ONLINE COLLABORATION.... :-) Guess what? PARIENCE!!!
-Glisten: patience - and great tech skills
-Glisten: can\\\'t hear you suzon
-Glisten: this is the backend interface
-Glisten: this is great! did you guys build this?
Rocket: yes they did with some programming assistance. its free to use
-Glisten: how to gain access?
Rocket: just have to register on water-wheel.net
-Glisten: will do! thanks !!
bonemap: Yes please regiester Glisten!
-k: k
-Glisten: not now - but for future projects
bonemap2: who is randomblackchicken>
-pikachu: a very wild and rare pokemon
-Glisten: that\\\'s how you did the bubbles?
-Glisten: yep that worked
-Caro: So it was created originally to talk about water issues? Is that still the main focus?
Rocket: yes with the bubbles
bonemap: hello Pikachu!
-pikachu: pikaah ^.^
-lozza67: This concept is endless in the way you can present all types of multi media wow awesome
suzon: guest1
-Glisten: I want to come on that field trip!
suzon: sure you can
-Glisten: YAY!
-Panetta: when is it?
rozinaseru: when is the field trip?
suzon: yes and you can draw and do live animation too lozza67
-Panetta: and where
-Rebecca: KickArts, April 3-5
-Caro: how long does the field trip go for?
-lozza67: what dates is the workshop for Townsville?
-Panetta: is that the one on crains?
-Panetta: cairns*
Rocket: KickArts is in Cairns
-Panetta: only? so it wont be in townsville?
Rocket: will be an engagement in townsville
-Panetta: is that during 3-5
suzon: yes - well first day is outdoor
suzon: 4&5 are indoor with material that we have gathered on first day or that you bring
Rocket: April 10 townsville
Rocket: Russell will check info
-Panetta: do you know where yet?
suzon: where in Townsville?
-Panetta: yes
-lozza67: depends how many students I guess in the class
-Caro: What time do you start in the morning - the first day of workshop?
Glisten: I can do Thurday and Saturday only
Rocket: 8.30 am
-pikachu: Russel, will you be sending out a newsletter with all this information for everyone to look over?
bonemap2: yes of course
-pikachu: ofcourse
-lozza67: we all reead Russels update he is very informative :D
bonemap: video feed to townsville is gone
Glisten: Sandy
-pikachu: What was the verbal question?
Rocket: Russel, will you be sending out a newsletter with all this information for everyone to look over?
-Caro: Does the field trip go all day?
Rocket: the question was
Rocket: is there a limit to how much info is going on
Rocket: on the tap
Glisten: you are using wacom suzon?
Glisten: I see your stylus in hand
suzon: yes field trip in cairns is one day from 8am-4pm
-Caro: thanks Suzon
suzon: bit.ly/22-session
suzon: this is the link
suzon: of that session about Indigneous Water Rights and Water Conservation with corals
suzon: bit.ly/3WDS14-program
rozinaseru: awesome!
Rocket: is it all in real time
suzon: yes
suzon: definitely
suzon: people can comment and ask questions
suzon: the symposium is LIVE
suzon: thanks rozina
suzon: you can come today
-lozza67: can performances be saved or recorded?
suzon: from now on it is more or less nonstop until Sunday morning!
rozinaseru: this has been great! I have enojoyed this :-)
Glisten: yes this is an awesome platform, well done everyone!
bonemap: Glad you enjoyed the water wheel platform Roz
Rocket: symposium has 200 presenters, 42 sessions
JamesC: thank you
JamesC: 5 continents
-lozza67: Have enjoyed this
JamesC: each session lasts about 1-3hrs
Rocket: how do they find the tap
JamesC: water-wheel.net/tap
Glisten: great achievement to unite global attention on such a vital issue
JamesC: water-wheel.net/tap
suzon: bit.ly/3WDS14-program
-Caro: Is a new tap opened for every conversation?
Rocket: yes every session
suzon: more or less yes
suzon: there is a theme for each session
Rocket: a session will have several presenters
-Caro: thanks
JamesC: 3 or 4 presenters per session
-Caro: *applause*
-pikachu: *clapping*
-lozza67: applause
Glisten: _/\\\\_
Rocket: thank you
rozinaseru: thank you...\\\"clapping\\\"
suzon: thank you to have us with you today!
JamesC: nice icon glisten
Glisten: ;)
JamesC: _/\\\\__/\\\\__/\\\\__/\\\\__/\\\\__/\\\\__/\\\\__/\\\\__/\\\\__/\\\\__/\\\\__/\\\\__/\\\\__/\\\\__/\\\\__/\\\\__/\\\\_
Glisten: hahahaaa
Glisten: allisasis.info for more about my work
-pikachu: hoo roo
bonemap: Bye bye!
Glisten: thanks Russell
Glisten: I will definitely play with this!
-Rebecca: thanks for coming Glisten
-Rebecca: bye
suzon: what is your real name Glisten?
Glisten: Glistening Deepwater
suzon: ahahahahaa
Glisten: you can google that!
suzon: sure i can
suzon: and....???
Glisten: well, perhaps that verifies the fact that is my real name!
JamesC: glad you like the platform Glisten
suzon: i see your face now....
suzon: about.me/gdeepwater
JamesC: maybe you can find a use for it for your practise
JamesC: create something in it
Glisten: I will be sure to share it with my futurist network
JamesC: cool
Glisten: I will create somthing in it for sure, perhaps even for this subject assignment
suzon: cool! will we eet you in cairns?
suzon: oops meet you
Glisten: yes, I can spend two days with you, Thursday and Saturday - need to work Friday
suzon: ah ok!
Glisten: typo par for course
suzon: thats great
suzon: please call Kickarts
Glisten: will do
suzon: cool!
JamesC: you will catch up on day 3 ok, as you already have some knowledge on the platform
Glisten: I am reasonably tech savvy yes :)
suzon: cool
JamesC: and you can already register, and poke around
Glisten: I did, and I will - I got a lot out of your presentation