ianwinters: Hello Leah, I\'m online whenever you are ready.
JamesC: hey
JamesC: I\'m just waking up
ianwinters: so actually it\'s about 45 minutes before it starts. I forgot that Arizona opted out of the early start to daylight savings time.
JamesC: oh ok
JamesC: I\'ll come back later then
ianwinters: starting at 1:30 AZ local time
ianwinters: having local techincal difficulties
JamesC: audio good online
-jaceee: james -- john hopkins here
-jaceee: nope, we solved the feedback problem
JamesC: Hi John
JamesC: are you in Phoenix, John?
-jaceee: yes, James, greets from the Sonoran desert overrun with cars!
JamesC: dubious
-jaceee: yes
-jaceee: yes we can
-jaceee: Hi Ian -- yes, I\'m in the audience ...
-jaceee: and running your window...
-jaceee: no worries!
-jaceee: James -- where are you now? and where is Ian?
-jaceee: okay...
-jaceee: we\'re switching machines over ...
-jaceee: Andrea is now speaking
-jaceee: \"Working with (Atmospheric, Environmental) Data
-jaceee: To raise Public Awareness
-jaceee: the map is never the territory
JamesC: I\'m in my office, at home in Brisbane.
-jaceee: Context is everything
-jaceee: Direct mapping is not as important as you might think ...
-jaceee: Real-time direct mapping can be very important
-jaceee: real-time ambient mapping...
-jaceee: so you are working on a Saturday morning James?
-jaceee: hehe
JamesC: umm yeah. so it is!
-jaceee: good on ya!
JamesC: is it morning already!
-jaceee: Andrea is done...
-jaceee: Leah is nt speaking....
-jaceee: not, sorry
-jaceee: Leah is projecing images of some of her projects at the moment...
ianwinters: and I am arranging things to talk about bringing the body into all of this.
ianwinters: and the interesections with site based perfromance
-jaceee: hallo ian, can you start speaking ?
ianwinters: Yes
-jaceee: say something ;-)
-jaceee: remote dissonance ....
-jaceee: :-0
-jaceee: maybe zoom it?
-jaceee: good ...
-jaceee: ah, yeah, nice project -- I tapped into that one.. the students were really enthusiastic!
JamesC: wow
-jaceee: uh, did you stop ?
JamesC: nice satellite image
-jaceee: yup
-jaceee: sef-deletion, not good :-]
ianwinters: any sound
ianwinters: ?
suzon: i can hear you
suzon: hi!
suzon: good morning
suzon: reload
suzon: Phoenix
suzon: reload in Phoenix too
JamesC: we hear you here
ianwinters: ok andrea is talking about article falls now.
suzon: they should reload overthere... :-)
-jaceee: not sure about the connections now
-jaceee: sorry, Andrea is making some comments... in the mean time
-jaceee: our time is so compressed. we will go to audience questions and q/a
-jaceee: sorry Ian
-jaceee: ?
-jaceee: I\'ll try to keep you cued in
ianwinters: And here are my closing notes just to add. Leah has them as well.
ianwinters: [3/27/15, 2:05:22 PM] Ian Winters: As a closing wrap up a few questions that we didn\'t wuite get to to leave you all with.\r[3/27/15, 2:05:30 PM] Ian Winters: If motion, location and bio sensor data is being stored and transformed as part of a project – especially with large scale participation -  how does this inflect authorship? If underlying compositional patterns or structures are being derived from crowd movements or patterns, who is the ‘author’?\r[3/27/15, 2:06:30 PM] Ian Winters: Where in the system does the choreographic act reside? Who controls that data? And who is the author? And how can this intersection of the body and data be used to help us understand compilex environmental data in a visceral fashion.
-jaceee: Leah -- do you see the questions that Ian has proposed?
ianwinters: Thanks all,
ianwinters: Ian
-jaceee: data as information... thanks Ian, sorry about the glitches!
ianwinters: no worries. it happens sometimes.
-jaceee: sure does on non-military spec technologies ...
-jaceee: :-}
ianwinters: and even more on military spec gear(!)
-jaceee: hehe
ianwinters: or at least it does on surplus kit I\'ve tried.
JamesC: the concept of \"author\" is in question
ianwinters: yes - i think that\'s one of my big questions is the slippery blurring nature of authorship as data is decorporealized
JamesC: it\'s such a nebulous idea even in the original sense of someone writting a book or paper..because the editor, proof readers, sources..all have had a contribution as well.
-jaceee: I saw the Bay area tap presention, Ian -- I \'tapped\' into it...
ianwinters: how was it?
ianwinters: I always find doing online performances quite different when the audience is invisible.
JamesC: a great composition between photo-media imagery and live dance. it had a real \"liveness\" to it
JamesC: probably because of the improvidatory nature of the movement
ianwinters: and a bunch of live improvisation (!) of wind, failing kit, cold dancers etc.
ianwinters: ;-)
ianwinters: so i\'m guessing that the Q/A is over at this point?
ianwinters: I\'m going to go ahead and sign off shortly.
suzon: thanks Ian
ianwinters: Jaceee, james and suzon - thanks for joing online.
suzon: did you hear the keynote?
JamesC: no probs
suzon: it was in the middle of thenight here... and did you record this session? :-)
JamesC: were you intending to have a video feed from phoenix on this Tap?
ianwinters: alas no... but let me know if there are others to record.
suzon: well most of hte keynotes are now on the Tap, and in the middle of our night + we\'ll be in Sydney tonight
JamesC: at Critical Path party
ianwinters: i can record the andrea lockwood one... but the second one i\'ll be out of the house for.
amin: salut suzon
amin: c fini ?