JamesC: Mahesh Vinayakram is our guest singer
JamesC: He is in Montreal at the moment
JamesC: Quebec
neoscenes: the mysteries of online collaboration...
neoscenes: the ghost in the machine
neoscenes: hei Suzon
neoscenes: I\'m in Arizona...
neoscenes: the mountain deserts of the US West...
neoscenes: no worries\rno worries\rno worries
neoscenes: Hei Ian! (John Hopkins here...)
JamesC: howdy John
JamesC: thanks for turning up
JamesC: jumping in
neoscenes: Hei James!
neoscenes: sure thing... It\'s early evening here in Arizona
JamesC: how\'s the sunset sky?
JamesC: respect
IanClothier: hey John, great to know you are here
JamesC: Mahesh, can you name the saddhu behind you?
neoscenes: namaste!
neoscenes: It\'s already dark... an hour ago...
JamesC: mmmmmm
bonemap: Hi water-wanderers
JamesC: hugs
suzon: Hi!
watervagabond: Beautifully energizing...
suzon: thisis Mahesh Vinayakram, singing a raga he composed about the recent floods in Chennai
neoscenes: namaste!!!
JamesC: namasthe
MicheleGuieu: wonderful
neoscenes: beautiful!
MicheleGuieu: thank you
IanClothier: that was wonderful to hear an experience
JamesC: awesome
JamesC: so nice to open the event
JamesC: did you say shari chankara?
JamesC: adi chankara?
watervagabond: shankracharya!
JamesC: thanks
MicheleGuieu: Excellent!
neoscenes: thanks Mahesh!
bonemap: impacts of flooding and the symbolic relationship to the deluge
guest1: thnkx michele
guest1: thnkx neoscenes
suzon: Hi Water Vagabond
suzon: thanks so much dear Mahesh!
watervagabond: Hi Suzon!!!
suzon: Hi Bonemap!
watervagabond: Great begining...
JamesC: not to mention Inkahoots and Igneous behind the platform
bonemap: Hi Suzon, congratulations for the launch of the event.
JamesC: goog huh?
JamesC: good
suzon: we are listening now to Ian Clothier from New Plymouth, New Zealand A\rotearoa
JamesC: Aotearoa
suzon: Director of SCANZ biannual symposium & residency
JamesC: Wai
JamesC: I imagine those spines would move and make sound when affected by the water
suzon: Hi guests! please write your names here and press enter :-)
JamesC: works by Vallance Wrathall
-sonjavank: kia ora koutou / greetings everyone
JamesC: hi sonja
suzon: Kia ora, Sonja!
JamesC: work by Julieanna Preston
bonemap: duck bio-hazard
bonemap: is there a relationship with te farming practices and the \'unnatural\' proliferation of ducks?
suzon: dont know if Ian can respond to this
bonemap: Guano - the excrement of sea birds and bats
suzon: this is a work/walk by Trudy Lane
JamesC: River Resonations by Trudy Lane
bonemap: OK questions later perhaps - I will go full screen and finish the washing-\rup
JamesC: got it
JamesC: Kura Puke & Stuart Foster
IanClothier: Tīahoaho: bearing light on the Waiw’akai’o
suzon: incantations, river presence
suzon: Anne Pincus painting (AUS)
JamesC: too right, Ian
suzon: indigenous, cosmological and philosophical to treat water, a challenge and knowledge to take from for the western society!
suzon: indigenous, cosmological and philosophical views of treating water will be and are becoming more and more a challenge for the western society.... revising the way people think....
suzon: this is Jooloe Gibbs - body of work Flood Language
suzon: mud from floods....
suzon: as element to paint
JamesC: and wind turbines would be a positive response to climate change in your area, Ian?
suzon: preparing yyour questions....Sonja, Bonemap, Neoscene, et al
JamesC: Riparian planting
JamesC: Thanks for a well though out reflection and insight into the thinking behind these works
IanClothier: cheers
bonemap: OK thanks Ian
JamesC: It is great to have the reminder over and again that we in the west can benefit from indiginous cultures
IanClothier: www.julieannapreston.space/#/aue/
IanClothier: waiwhakaiho.org.nz - Sharing the Waiwhakaiho
MicheleGuieu: Great!
JamesC: waiwhakaiho.org.nz
neoscenes: the ghost in the machine again ...
JamesC: It is great to have the reminder over and again that we in the west can benefit from indiginous cultures
IanClothier: true
neoscenes: madre de dios, sound has gone mad!
-sonjavank: suzon there is a v loud delayed echo from your feed.
suzon: Hi CLeolapa
-sonjavank: great presentation Ian!
waterwheel: thank you Ian!
IanClothier: cheers sonya. good to know you are online here
IanClothier: thankyou waterwheel
-sonjavank: Ian i am in kawkawa :)
JamesC: new guests can type a username before other comments
waterwheel: Le cycle de l\'AUbe by Xavier Mertens
waterwheel: ok
waterwheel: Kristine Diekman\'s video \'Nelly Servin, Central Valley Drought\' (USA, California)
bonemap: water rights is a big issue for us all - how we relate quality of life to convienient access to water
waterwheel: sorry about the quirks
waterwheel: yes...the drinking water truck
waterwheel: it happens a lot here in OZ, in countryside where houses are not connected to city water
bonemap: water in pipes - we divert water away because when it comes in deluge there is too much
bonemap: building design should begin to incorporate landscaping that delivers water back into the ground rather than down pipes and gutters to who knows where - running through gutters and collecting contaminants that run into the see
bonemap: #\rsea
waterwheel: yes....the tap water is not always clean!
JamesC: into swamps to be filtered for example
waterwheel: we had that after and during floods with sewage water that mixed with the floods
waterwheel: wow...pretty strong analogy!
JamesC: Yes, what you take
JamesC: Thanks, Michele
JamesC: nice choices
bonemap: Thank you - will have to sign out best wishes for the ongoing TAPS
JamesC: It is so strong to see someone feeling water from the Tap the first time
waterwheel: Bye Bonemap, see you later in other sessions....next one there will be performances!
bonemap: OK
IanClothier: is water a key theme of her work?
IanClothier: i see, giving voice to commun\rities
waterwheel: cleolapa any question or comment?
JamesC: great quote: you can\'t put barbed-wire on an aquifer
-eubulides: I think water cycle is a standard in fifth grade
JamesC: we know about boiling water 5 minutes in order to make it drinkable
IanClothier: there is a river in aotearoa new zealand that has the same legal status as a person - whanganui
-eubulides: What is the relationship to big industry like almond growers versus small plot families and families.
-sonjavank: Ian: when did the Whanganui get this status? i can google this if you don\'t know
-eubulides: She is here.
-Kristine: I appreciate your insight,Suzon, into your understanding of the Central Valley.
IanClothier: not sure, year before last i think
-sonjavank: tx. do you know about this - http://madave.co.nz/the-river-talks
-Kristine: Kristine
-Kristine: I am so grateful that Nelly\'s story has been discussed on this forum.
JamesC: Hi Kristine!
-Kristine: Kristine
-sonjavank: 3 day conference on the river on a marae in AKL, 17 -19 April
-Kristine: It is true that even with the rains that the drought is not going to change the situation.
JamesC: what a video you made! and what a strong event!
IanClothier: very interesting
-Kristine: The water is contaminated
-Kristine: The groundwater is being drawn by large agri-businesses through pumping.
-Kristine: Activists, organizations, and local communities are working together to bring solutions, but they are slow and very costly.
JamesC: that\'s why you are so esctatic to get a tank!
-Kristine: A tank if a temporary solution.
-Kristine: The state emergency funds are not going to pay for the tank and water for much longer.
JamesC: in Australia a tank is apermanent solution for many people
JamesC: but yes you need rain
IanClothier: alos on small islands in the pacific
-Kristine: Communities are trying to work together to consolidate and create new resources -- new wells, new infrastructure.
-Kristine: thank you so much!
JamesC: Tap finishing in minutes
-Kristine: You really understand the situation so well.
JamesC: water-wheel.net/taps/page/855
JamesC: that is the next tap
JamesC: c;ick now so you are ready
waterwheel: water-wheel.net/taps-list
JamesC: it will open in your browser
-Kristine: Thank you!!!
waterwheel: thank you
IanClothier: thanks very much
JamesC: this Tap ends in 2 minutes
IanClothier: i will miss watwer-wheel.net
waterwheel: thanks Kristiine for coming on the Tap
waterwheel: i hope you can all come to the next sessions
waterwheel: :-)
JamesC: thanks, Ian
waterwheel: Further in the rogram there will be a group of teenagers working on groundwater!!!!
waterwheel: in India, North India
JamesC: next tap is:
JamesC: water-wheel.net/taps/page/855
JamesC: bye!