JamesC: hi Jelena
JamesC: thanks for coming
JamesC: hi also to llancaster
suzon: Hi!
cleolapa: Hi :) thank you!!
llancaster: Hello Everyone.
cleolapa: I will record the first hour...
cleolapa: Hello:)
JamesC: ok
JamesC: that would be great
JamesC: whatever you can manage. have you a post-performanvce party to go to?
JamesC: wish I could come :)
cleolapa: :)
llancaster: :-)
suzon: hi! we are setting up....
JamesC: natasha?
suzon: Who and where are you, ....Ms or Mr or..they Lancaster?
llancaster: Hi, Linus Lancaster. I\'m an art teacher in Northern California working on a project called Dada@Sea
JamesC: oh great!
suzon: ah great, yes Claudia is going to show a project of yours
llancaster: Great. Are there any instructions about the format?
JamesC: LivingSeaSculpture, are you the creator of Watch it Grow?
JamesC: Coral Art?
llancaster: No, that is someone else.
JamesC: Sorry, Llancaster. I was trying to address someone called LivingArtSculpture
JamesC: I see the name in the audience drop-down list
JamesC: LivingSeaSculpture I mean
-anniea: ready to record
JamesC: great
JamesC: Annie, are you going to record the full session?
JamesC: Linus, I\'m a performance artist from Brisbane, and also helping out on this platform a bit
llancaster: Brisbane, CA?
JamesC: Australia
JamesC: Queensland
llancaster: Ah. A fellow performance artist :-)
JamesC: you too!
cherylmaeder: artist cheryl maeder
LivingSeaSculpture: I am here , Colleen
-anniea: yes, James, but it will be almost 4 giga then
LivingSeaSculpture: Living Sea Sculpture yes :)
waterbodies: Hi Linus!!!
llancaster: Hellow!
LivingSeaSculpture: Sorry I\'m half reading,,yes lIving Sea Sculpture is Watch it grow
JamesC: I mostly have a stillness and walking practise, and occassionly extending my bodily perception through objects and environments
JamesC: oh great, LSS, welcome here
LivingSeaSculpture: Thank you!
waterbodies: Can you hear us Linus?
LivingSeaSculpture: For having me :)
-anniea: should I start recording?
JamesC: Annie, if you can get the whole session then yes, but if you can only get one hour then better start later to get the end
-anniea: i can do the whole
JamesC: cause Jelena is getting first hour
cleolapa: ok
llancaster: Yes, I have sound and video
JamesC: we still need your recording Jelena as back up
-hi: >
-SueReid: Good Morning! Happy to be making WaterWheel today - will check into the tap through the day
JamesC: are you in Australia Sue?
-SueReid: Yes
JamesC: where?
-SueReid: I\'m in Canberra
karla: hi, i just connected now.
suzon: functional art
waterbodies: hi Karla
JamesC: hi Karla
suzon: hi!
atomme: Hey Suzon! Berlin is in the audience
JamesC: rockin\'
suzon: SEM imagery by Anastasia Tyurina
-anniea: I need a backup recording - sound might not be completely ok at my side , but probably is .......
JamesC: your covered, Annie
suzon: patterns of residues of water
suzon: amazing coloours
JamesC: I think the water comes from water-bodies around south-east Queensland
waterbodies: WOWWWWW
suzon: yes, looks like a plants or bottom of a mushroom
karla: I love the textures
suzon: yes, Karla
JamesC: looks like fabric
suzon: excellent work!
suzon: how monstruous is beautiful?!
-neoscenes: what is the scale of these?
suzon: Colleen Flanigan is an artist that West Marrin who is speaking, has invited to contribute to Water Works1!
suzon: the Tap allows only 90 sec video at a time...so we have parts of bigger videos
JamesC: It\'s quite a large installation, Colleen?
suzon: Coral Art and climate change
LivingSeaSculpture: 15\'x9\'x6\' James
suzon: artificial coral to grow and replace the damaged coral
JamesC: Did you need to plasce starter corals on the structure?
LivingSeaSculpture: real coral on humanmade substrate
LivingSeaSculpture: yes we do
suzon: Scott Kildall is one of the 150+ artists who responded to the call by contributing with this video
waterbodies: Cool!
suzon: and that West has selected
JamesC: hie project has the same name as this event
waterbodies: Yes! I realized that too :-)
JamesC: and biological function in the case of Colleen\'s
LivingSeaSculpture: Thanks west!
JamesC: DNA patterns and city maps
JamesC: both are complex emergent forms
JamesC: yay, Suzon
suzon: key words coming up
-SueReid: Love the organic flow Anastasia\'s coral substrate work - a lovely alternative to the substrates of rigid wall used to hold back the ocean\'s rise (those rigid forms being ideal for jelly fish eggs and less desirable jellyfish futures.
JamesC: it\'s a way of making data accessible and something humans can relate to
JamesC: we like beauty, as a species.
JamesC: the coral sculpture is Colleen\'s
-SueReid: Whoops - I think that was Collen\'s work I referred to.
LivingSeaSculpture: thank you Sue :)I have curvy dreams for future reefs
-SueReid: Concentric patterns of evaporated matter in Anastasia\'s work also lovely connection to micro/marcro \'oceanic circle\'s that inspired the original thinking behind the LAw of the Sea and the creation of a watery commons.
JamesC: it takes different forms
waterbodies: I had a couple of questions for West
suzon: Thanks a lot West!
waterbodies: One is in water quality
waterbodies: the on\\ther is on the colors and aptterns
waterbodies: Maybe the questions are for Anastasia
suzon: yes, Lila is a great contributor to Waterwheel
suzon: this is a video by Bonita Bell,
suzon: a student at Tample Dance center
suzon: student of Merian Soto who for the second times involved her students in the call
suzon: Hannes i sent you an email
cherylmaeder: Hi Cheryl Maeder here
suzon: Hi Cheryl Maeder! thanks for this video contribution
cherylmaeder: Love it, Thank you for having my work on this incredible platform on water!
JamesC: thanks for esponding to the call
JamesC: e-sponding
suzon: no
suzon: it is finished
-SueReid: would love to see more of the video
suzon: it is the entire video
JamesC: you\'ll have to ask the artist if you can buy a copy of an extended version :)
suzon: :-)
suzon: :-)
JamesC: $$$
suzon: if i remember well in Indonesia when i went to Vesak in Borobudur, people were given a bottle of water which was called something like holy!
suzon: well labeled
-anniea: thanks lila
JamesC: the Holy river
JamesC: you use bio-feedback for participants to reach awareness?
JamesC: use ECG?
JamesC: walking talking water
guest1: Hi, my webcam is off maybe
guest1: Hi James
JamesC: it blows the argument of whether or not water has memory out of the water
-anniea: :)
guest1: Do you like to keep things separate, or use insights from ancient practices to enhance well-being and more environmental awareness?
lilamoore: thank you all
suzon: thank you LIla and Hannes
suzon: Hannes visit backstage was a surprise!!!
JamesC: hello Silvana
LivingSeaSculpture: Having hard time hearing
LivingSeaSculpture: even with full volume
LivingSeaSculpture: murmur
JamesC: i hear Victoria fine
vivesna: how about now?
waterbodies: yes
karla: ok for me
LivingSeaSculpture: maybe it\'s my end
suzon: yes liveingsea
suzon: push your volume
suzon: :-)
LivingSeaSculpture: it\'s full :)
JamesC: refresh ur page liningSea
suzon: Victoria Vesna is talking about her installation BOWLS
JamesC: livingSea
-anniea: should there be images? now?
-anniea: I don\'t see anything but the webcam
karla: yes, there are images
suzon: where the pollution of water create sound and animation
JamesC: try refreshing Annie
suzon: annie you need to refresh your page
suzon: please
suzon: you will see the media then
-annie: they are there now, refreshed
karla: here is a link to her website if you can\'t see the images http://victoriavesna.com/index.php?p=projects&item=4
JamesC: (thunms up)
suzon: Hi Claudia!
suzon: Claudia designed Waterbodies.org
-annie: is someone doing the dishes?
JamesC: not anymore
-annie: :)
suzon: Dada at Sea by Mr Lancaster....in the chat here
suzon: in colaboration with Frederick Young
suzon: oops collaboration
JamesC: what\'s the status of the project at the moment, Linus?
llancaster: We just received a small grant that will get us started working with the SF Maritime Museum.
JamesC: where is it going to be installed?
suzon: it does make sense here in Australia....it is a dada situation with refugees
suzon: dada data!
suzon: need flying boats!
llancaster: At the aquatic park next to the Hyde Street Pier, SF
JamesC: big project!
karla: yes, \rGreat project.
JamesC: is it envisioned to be permanant?
llancaster: No, it will be temporary.
vivesna: I don\'t think so -- for about a week in november
JamesC: 2016?
vivesna: yes
suzon: we will see the latest images\rafter in the media centre
vivesna: Nov 3-12, 2016
suzon: great....
Scotiam: the designs ae very beautiful
JamesC: good morning Scotiam
Scotiam: : )
suzon: hi :-)
llancaster: Thank you Claudia!
suzon: Now, CLaudia is introducing Karla Brunet work
suzon: Hi Karla!...yes the conference in Brazil? seems really interesting
suzon: when is it? can you give the link please
JamesC: is it you Karla Brunet, here in the audience?
karla: yes
JamesC: you are a diver
karla: here is the link of the video https://vimeo.com/103669959
suzon: love the soundtrack
karla: yes, i\'m diver
karla: I also work with the ocean data in different projects
JamesC: which wreck is this?
karla: different ones
suzon: ah!....nice....in australia there are 2 artists who are doing a lot of research as divers: Dean Walsh and Sarah Jane Pell
karla: in Los Roques, San Andres, Red Sea
suzon: snap!
karla: Great I\'m writing there names. thanks
suzon: where are you based Karla?
karla: in Salvador, Brazil
LivingSeaSculpture: sarah Jane Pell is a friend if want intro too
karla: great thanks
JamesC: So is Dean a friend of mine
karla: www.tropixel2016.ufba.br/en/
karla: here is the link to our event in September
karla: we have open calls
suzon: i was going to tell Hannes about these artists as they are very interested by biofeedback
karla: great, thanks
karla: here is a video I did with students to show a bit of Salvador to invite people to Tropixel https://vimeo.com/158972867
karla: thanks for the tap
JamesC: are the artists you presenters, all contributors to waterbodies?
JamesC: presented
JamesC: no gender stereotyping allowed
vivesna: not a stereotype -- :)
suzon: ahaha....no James no stereotype
suzon: everyone is ying and yang
suzon: but we do have a cycle linked to the moon!
vivesna: the lunatics are on the loose
JamesC: easier to see house entries during the full moon night?
karla: the sound is by artists I collaborate Luvebox
karla: They made it special to this video
JamesC: but yes the light or dark from the moon affects all life
JamesC: da da day ta
karla: and affect the sea a lot... diving is a completely different experience here when it is full moon
JamesC: dah dah doh doh
JamesC: wow, diving under full moon. mmm
llancaster: :-)
JamesC: only minutes left on this Tap
JamesC: it will close suddenly soon
LivingSeaSculpture: thanks all ! buena suerte
-annie: thank you for this
LivingSeaSculpture: wonderful work to see and hear :)
-annie: by bye
waterbodies: thanks all!!! Linus, Frederick & Karla, thanks millions1!!
JamesC: bye
LivingSeaSculpture: Congrats Suzon too !!!
karla: thanks all!
-annie: I will see you tomorrow in 12 hours
llancaster: Thanks everyone. Nice work!
JamesC: fantastic!!
-annie: (have to sleep now, a pity, it\'s interesting to see so many people active and enthousiastic
JamesC: 10 hrs back to back
JamesC: bye bye
waterbodies: thanks James!!!!!!!
JamesC: thank you
-annie: (&é hours for me isn\'t it James?)
JamesC: so great to have you here