-MX: looking forward to listen!
suzon: Hi!
suzon: MX....? where are you?
-MX: Mexico
suzon: AH great!
suzon: i am in Brisbane
suzon: other guests in the audience?
suzon: where are you?
LeahBarclay: Hello from Lima, Peru!
-MX: Hola!
-Vincent: hi from vancouver BC!
JamesC: hola mexico
JamesC: brisbane
ricardo57: Hello from Montreal
JamesC: top left: Eric Leonardson
JamesC: Top right: Ricardo Dal Farra
JamesC: bottom left: Leah Barclay
JamesC: yes
ricardo57: yes, we can hear you well
suzon: yes we hear you Leah Barclay
JamesC: with Ear to the Earth
JamesC: and NYU
JamesC: put your headphones on
JamesC: Subterranean Aquatic Sketch by Leah Barclay
-sonja: here from the north of Aotearoa | New Zealand. lovely ambiance. i assume that the blank screen is intended. nice.
JamesC: yes. just listening now
LeahBarclay: Yes, we are listening :)
-RonMader: Lovely music
suzon: yes
-RonMader: Listening from Las Vegas
suzon: kia ora! and hi to everyone!
JamesC: they\'re not happy
-Vincent: excellent clip Leah. sounded great.
suzon: we\'ll give the links
JamesC: the shrimp
-RonMader: just in time for world water day!
JamesC: water-fills-the-hall by John Hopkins
suzon: you are listening to \rJohn Hopkins
-neoscenes: hei Leah -- I\'m just in now...
-neoscenes: perfect timeing, but I wanted to be around earlier, sorry...
LeahBarclay: Hi John! Good timing!
JamesC: timing!
suzon: this is a 45min piece
suzon: hi John!
JamesC: we better sit back then!
-neoscenes: actually it\'s about 52 minutes, if I recall correctly...
LeahBarclay: Only a preview :)
-neoscenes: but it\'s only an excerpt that Leah is tracking, just a few minutes...
suzon: oops... 52 \rmin
WorldListening: Hi, John!
-neoscenes: flies on a dessicating rattlesnake\'s corpse... at the Pergammon Museum on the Spree River, Organ on Sydney Harbor, etc etc... don\'t want to spoil the ambience! ;-)
suzon: following the fly....
suzon: flie
suzon: entire piece is here http://water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6133
JamesC: all field recordings?
suzon: water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6133
-neoscenes: yes, all field recordings...
-neoscenes: yeah, no prob, thanks Leah!
-neoscenes: sure thing!
suzon: wowwwwww....so present
suzon: water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6109
suzon: this is wher eyou can find the entire piece Ice Fal
suzon: oops Ice Fall
suzon: Vincent Andrisani
JamesC: Pronounced: Vincent Andrisani
-Vincent: yep: you said it just right. :-) thnx.
JamesC: GrIS Perú
suzon: Vincent Andriani piece
suzon: water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6178
-neoscenes: not enough ;-)
JamesC: just wondering
-neoscenes: hehe...
JamesC: was John\'s piece only field recordings?
-Vincent: no questions here, but i did really enjoy the two pieces that you played Leah.
-Vincent: three...
-neoscenes: yes, only field recordings, w/ no manipulation...
suzon: hi VIncent!
JamesC: cool
suzon: thanks for contributing
-Vincent: hi suzon! thnx to all for having me participate.
suzon: yes both pieces, the ice and the flie journey...
JamesC: did he say Green Recorder?
suzon: Jay Needham
JamesC: www.jayneedham.net/
JamesC: www.gruenrekorder.de/
JamesC: jay is not in the gruen collection
JamesC: but the other pieces Eric will play are
suzon: subtle...
suzon: ice melting... in a cave?
JamesC: this is called Liquesce
LeahBarclay: Love Jay\'s work :)
JamesC: punchy
suzon: entire work link http://water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6367
suzon: water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6367
JamesC: von der rheinquelle bis hafen karlsruhe | rhein_strom
JamesC: by Thomas M. Siefert and Lasse-Marc Riek
suzon: link to entire piece
suzon: water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6119
suzon: Christopher DeLaurenti,
suzon: christopher \'s piece is about to be played
suzon: \'Rail road Storm Drain\'
WorldListening: delaurenti.net/
suzon: ah!
suzon: yes....in a smaller place....in a bucket....
suereid24: Hi \rSuzon - just logged on again - are these audio works only?
WorldListening: can you hear the low sound of a train or something, then a plane?
suzon: water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6158
suzon: yes i could ...interesting piece
JamesC: Christina Kubisch & Eckehard Güther
JamesC: called \"Unter Grund\"
JamesC: next up
suzon: such an extreme from the underice layer previous piece and that one....sapce shrank and then re-expand to something intimate
JamesC: under ground, I guess?
suzon: www.gruenrekorder.de/?page_id=14340
suzon: ....wow a vortex....
WorldListening: That\'sa big pump.
LeahBarclay: Intense!
suzon: water works!
suzon: :-)
suzon: entire piece
suzon: water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6118
LeahBarclay: Great piece :)
suzon: any comments? questions?
suzon: otherwise we go on to Ricardo
JamesC: the drain pipe effect
JamesC: like being inside a microphone
suzon: thank you Eric!
suzon: Eric Leonardson from Chicago
WorldListening: You\'re welcome!
suzon: NOW, Ricardo Dal Farra from Montreal
JamesC: We thank Inkahoots too for their work in the background ofthe platform
LeahBarclay: Yes, thank you Inkahoots!
LeahBarclay: Here is Balance-Unbalance 2016 - balance-unbalance2016.org
suzon: Balance/UnBalance is this year in Colombia
suzon: frostbYte-redsound by \rDaniel Blinkhorn
LeahBarclay: Daniel is one of the most impressive electroacoustic composers in the world today
LeahBarclay: Such control of texture and timbre
suzon: yes...thanks
suzon: water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6388
WorldListening: Was Daniel Blinkhorn using samples recorded from water andice?
suzon: Resignificamar by Daniel Quaranta
suzon: water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6390
ricardo57: These are Daniel Blinkhorn program notes: In the Arctic region of Raudfjorden, on a pebble strewn beach stands a small, crude wooden cabin. It’s said that on the same site stood an earlier cabin once inhabited by a lone trapper seeking refuge in the fjord after a terrible mining accident left him disfigured. As I stood in the hut, peering out through one of the many cracks that made-up a wall, I wondered what it must have been like, both for the trapper and others like him who chose to live in such climatically extreme isolation. \rI tried to imagine living in concert with such an unrelenting, yet singularly wondrous place; a home amidst the striking duality of extreme elements, harsh winds and frozen ice, and the many fragile, delicate and captivating sounds produced therein. \rWithin this reactive terrain of sound and light was a world so finely tuned it responded to every nuance in temperature, no matter how slight. As the sun arced across the mountain tops, ice fragments in the fjord dissolved, gently hissing and cracking. Occasionally, two fragments collided, producing strangely resonant harmonies refracting off the pebble strewn shore, creating a prismatic soundscape of colour and motion. \rThe majority of recordings found in ‘frostbYte - red sound’ are taken from a day at the hut and its surrounds. The two exceptions are a triangle, which is introduced to provide resonance within the piece (augmenting the resonance that was unexpectedly found within the ice and stones that populated the shoreline so prolifically) and a small dinghy as it slews through an icefield. This second recording occurs toward the end of the composition, and is used to express the rugged motions of the boats rise and fall as it pounded through the frozen fields of ice collecting in dense masses around glaciers. The omni present glissandi throughout the work represents the vertical nature of the surrounding mountains, glaciers and cliff’s that form the contours of the fjord enveloping the cabin. \rThe title itself refers to the name given to the region in the early 17th Century by the English explorer and whaler Robert Fotherby, who referred to the fjord as ‘Red-cliff Sound’.
ricardo57: And this are the program notes by Daniel Quaranta:
ricardo57: El trabajo aqui presentado es una pequeña obra realizada a partir de grabaciones de campo en diferentes lugares; Oceano Pacífico (México, Chile), Oceano Atlantico (Brasil y Argentina). Además del sonido del mar, fui recogiendo basura que sonaba y la grabé. Tomé cientos de muestras de objetos sonantes recogidos en las playas. La basura convive infelizmente con la riqueza de nuestros mares. Este trabajo tiene la intención de resignificar la relación que tenemos con nuestro medio ambiente.
JamesC: The Rising Forces by Jules Bryant
ricardo57: Program notes: The sea level is rising yet we hardly notice it. Scientists provide us evidence that the effects are likely to cause global issues, not just in the near future but now, yet we choose to ignore the advice. \'The Rising Forces\' is a minimalist acousmatic piece consisting of a single note played on an oboe. This then rises by the smallest noticeable amount every few seconds. By the use of delay effects the piece provides a gradually rising pitch with repeating wave-like sound structures. The small pitch change is representative of the gradual change in sea level that we are made aware of but do little about. The total rise of the piece by 1/2 an octave represents the fact that if we continue to do nothing then more is to come.
JamesC: water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6392
JamesC: link to The Rising Forces
suzon: Mother Antarctic by Rafael Gracida Zurita
suzon: water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6391
suzon: Surface Tension by William Price
suzon: water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6389
suzon: very short :-)
suzon: arrow time
suzon: Entre mi cielo y tu agua by Ricardo Dal Farra
suzon: water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6393
suzon: comments? questions?
suzon: Eco Action? Ricardo....what do you mean?
ricardo57: I will explain :-)
LeahBarclay: I will be there!
-neoscenes: nice to see all of you and special thanks to Suzon for all her facilitation work with WW
-neoscenes: hmm, should I be seeing something else?
WorldListening: www.worldlisteningproject.org/ July 18, 2016
WorldListening: #WLD2016
-neoscenes: BTW, I\'m doing a live performance and lecture \"A Natural History of Sound in 11 days -- 31 March
-neoscenes: tech-no-mad.net/blog/archives/79836
-neoscenes: for more info
-neoscenes: It\'ll be streamed as well (not on WW, but see the link for full info ...
LeahBarclay: Soundcamp - @soundtent http://water-wheel.net/taps/page/860
vixmedia: Very interesting.
LeahBarclay: Please all join us for World Listening Day!
LeahBarclay: July 18
-neoscenes: I hope to get a workshop going for that, but have to get some local support .. will keep you posted Eric...
suzon: water-wheel.net/taps/view/858
WorldListening: Fantastic, John! Looking forward...
WorldListening: Listening ahead and around...
-neoscenes: ciao all!
suzon: thank you all
suzon: please jump in the next Tap starting soon!
WorldListening: Thanks you!!!!
suzon: with India, Iran and Taiwan people
LeahBarclay: Thank you everyone!