vixmedia: Hello Suzon.
-sonja: greetings everyone from New Zealand
suzon: Hi everyone!
atefehkhas: hi
-neoscenes: good evening!
suzon: good afternoon
vixmedia: It is night here in Vancouver, Canada.
-neoscenes: late evening in Arizona...
suzon: this is Eklavya Prasad from Danhbar
suzon: north India
suzon: we\'ve seen work by Marina Di Loreto
suzon: not many poetry contributions....this is quite a powerful writing
suzon: hi neoscene! hi vixmedia
suzon: Sonja, and other guests!
suzon: reading
-neoscenes: quite painful to be reminded of the extremity of our impact...
suzon: yes neoscene...every single thing we use is connected
JamesC: poetry by Zeesy Powers
JamesC: prose
-neoscenes: we are stardust...
suzon: stardust, or bits of plastic?
suzon: The gang of 20
suzon: who works with Eklavya on Goround water
suzon: oops groundwater
suzon: yeeee, girls!
suzon: learning to be water leaders
-neoscenes: very good ladies -- very cool! :-)
-neoscenes: I\'m doing the same kind of work here in Arizona -- water harvesting landscaping to capture water and turn it into ground water
suzon: great image - probing!
-neoscenes: I can send several books by one Brad Lancaster on water harvesting...
JamesC: thank you!!
suzon: great! thank you!
atefehkhas: Thanks
suzon: strong images
JamesC: She\'s already a leader!
-neoscenes: Wonderful, Gang of 20!!!
suzon: so you go on walks
suzon: and look at the water situations?
-neoscenes: Thanks a lot ladies!!!!
JamesC: kids
-neoscenes: clapclapclap
ricardo57: Excellent!
vixmedia: Thank you for the talk.
ricardo57: very inspiring
-neoscenes: can I get Eklavya\'s email? to perhaps some resources?
JamesC: I hope you can make a real impact in the region
-neoscenes: Brad is an expert here in the US desert
-neoscenes: on water harvesting...
clee2: i likw school students be in vovled
clee2: it is thier way in thier life
clee2: yes reaches parents that way for ture action
-neoscenes: one of bBrad\'s book \"Rainwater harvesting for drylands and beyond: Water-Harvesting Earthworks\"
-neoscenes: his other book is \"Rainwater harvesting for drylands and beyond: Guiding Principles to Welcome Rain into Your Life and Landscape\"
-neoscenes: Really great initiative!
JamesC: very worthwhile
-neoscenes: you are the leaders of tomorrow! and you are doing it today!
guest1: SUPERCOOL GIRLS!!!! Keep up the great work
atefehkhas: Great to have these girls here
atefehkhas: Thanks
clee2: beautiful faces of hope
-neoscenes: Eklavya, I send you an email right now to get in contact...
watervagabond: Thank you Suzon...
clee2: maybe we can connect our school in taiwan with these lovely girls from indai
suzon: we can see you and hear you
suzon: Atefeh Khas in Tehran
JamesC: hopefully Atafeh\'s stream will get better as she goes
JamesC: sorry for the jumpyness
suzon: Norooz greetings, Atefeh!
suzon: maybe the Internet is very busy in Iran because it is like New year!
JamesC: Atafeh is talking about minoosh zomorodinia (US, Ca)
suzon: yes
suzon: water, blood of the earth....veins
-neoscenes: AH, yes, it is Nowrooz!
JamesC: now it\'s about Zinaida Lihacheva
suzon: return to traditions
suzon: Zinaida is from Ukraine where there is a ritual about the well
suzon: and drinking water well
suzon: So, she resge the costums of this traditions on two wells
watervagabond: Beautiful this...
suzon: yes....Zina has a great work!
suzon: she research very old costums
suzon: and learn the crafts linked with them
clee2: unique way!
suzon: in order to make contemporary art works
suzon: SHe was representing Ukraine at the Venice Biennale
JamesC: Atafeh also choose the work of Fereshte Alamshah
suzon: Clee: actually Atefeh also use ice as a medium AND old customs and folk crafts in her artworks
vixmedia: Unusual idea to show very graphically what can happen with no water.
watervagabond: Extremely interesting works..
guest1: Thanks! Very interesting work!
-neoscenes: thanks Atefeh! very interesting works...
JamesC: Now I know that there are cyotes and wolves in Iran. am I right?
watervagabond: About the drinking water well.. a bit more about it from Atefeh!
-neoscenes: What is the Iranian gov\'t doing to protect the rivers in Iran? And how does the public see these kinds of art works?
-sonja: wonderful presentation Atefeh + happy Naw Ruz from New Zealand. a question about the installation of bones in the fields, who is the artist?
-sonja: and how long are these left in the fields? or are they then shown in galleries?
-neoscenes: we can hear you Atefeh ...
mollyh: you look fine...can hear fine
clee2: no it is margaret here not catherine i will do that then !
clee2: we swithcd computoer
clee2: thanks
suzon: Fereshte Alamshah
clee2: this is margaret on clee2
clee2: cna u see or hear margaret
suzon: no we can not see margaret
-tx: if the stream is bad in Iran would it be possible for Atefeh to type on the tap.
-tx: no sound here either from Margaret
clee2: HI DO YOU HWr us
clee2: we lost connection
-neoscenes: I\'m still here (but cooking at the same time...
suzon: good neascenes
suzon: Yasmine Ostendorf from GALA in residence at the Bamboo Curtain Studio in Taipei
suzon: very beautiful image
suzon: to lift the fish? :-)
watervagabond: Interesting topic...
watervagabond: Listening to the river.... Indeed, so crucial.
suzon: ....oooh...the Yamuna!
vixmedia: Amazing.
vixmedia: What great works.
JamesC: beautiful works and sensibilites
-neoscenes: mm, I\'ve got to crash, thanks James, Suzon, everyone for this closing tap scene today!
watervagabond: Hey... an interesting observation by the group here. All presentations till now are by women!!!!
-neoscenes: this is true and a good bservation!
JamesC: except your first one Eklavys
vixmedia: Art Action!
suzon: great!
suzon: oh yes
watervagabond: The art work that I presented were all by women/adolescent girls
suzon: thanks Eklavya for the precisions
suzon: Thanks Margaret
suzon: Hi Catherine Lee!
suzon: this was a video by shujung chao
watervagabond: VEry very cool!
mollyh: rain as medium, huh.
mollyh: wow
watervagabond: WOOOOW!!!
suzon: raincoat made by Eileen Song
watervagabond: How innovative
mollyh: raincoat, great
mollyh: loved that
suzon: this map is made by shujung chao too
suzon: Underwater by Yu-Chi Chiu
watervagabond: Beautiful...
mollyh: connections are tenuous, temporary
suzon: yes
mollyh: comment on how we related, in time
mollyh: distanc
suzon: slow down and find time to be together
mollyh: yes
watervagabond: A member of Gang of 20 says \"She is symbolising the issue so well\"
suzon: \'Sanctuary of the nationThe Holly pool and Kenkou Shrine in Taiwan\' by Fei-hao Chen
mollyh: thank you, great work, very late here now
-coooooooooooool: Cool
suzon: Olga, you need to go out of audience and login on then come to the Tap to be part of the crew :-)
suzon: Dancecology
suzon: Water Dances - the event happens yearly. Isnt it in June?
Australe: Great, it worked! :)
suzon: great!
suzon: thanks so much Catherine
suzon: Now, Margaret Shiu
suzon: yes
suzon: wow...that\'s great you went to cop21
suzon: yes you are right Margaret
suzon: the syrian refugees were first people from countryside who had to go to cities because of drought
suzon: blue city project
suzon: walk around the city with app, and see where the water was
suzon: great movie
-BCS: WATER IS LIFE! Artist have their way to say it
suzon: great to have Margaret saying that on the same tap as the gang of 20!
suzon: clap clap
watervagabond: Clap...clap..clap!!!
-sonja: can someone type the name of the Cambodian film artist please
watervagabond: So very inspiring!!!!!
Australe: Thanks a lot, what an interesting presentation!
guest1: kallyanne MAM sundance festival winner
watervagabond: Cannot hear you Olga!!
watervagabond: Not me either...
guest1: cop21 was really insporing in that it showed how politicians really work\\
guest1: while slazburg meeting of beyond green: art as catalyst for sustianability is really hswoing that art can make it into a real movement to change
guest1: Salzburg Global Semnar session 561 if you are interested to get n the web site and catch the projects that i was talking about
watervagabond: Wait..
Australe: Suzon said very rightly my point
Australe: In my work, I realised statistics don\'t move people to action
Australe: As effectively as when people are emotionally attached to the outcome
Australe: This piece is about a deep connection with water through all our senses: sight, touch, sound
watervagabond: Gang of 20 \"Feeling water\"
watervagabond: Clap..clap...clap...
Australe: I feel in India people often don\'t take care of public spaces because they don\'t feel attached to them.
watervagabond: From the Gang of 20
-BCS: Clap..clap...clap...
-BCS: Clap..clap...clap...
guest1: great way the gang of 20 works, can i know more about them please? their investigation and their art presentation to public , did it make any change?
Australe: If they connected with public spaces as with their own homes, they would have a different attitute towards them - like connecting to history, to seeing magic in natural elements, for example water
Australe: Sorry I can\'t talk :(
guest1: yes the presence and the touch is needed to feel that it is our life via water
JamesC: This Tap will finish precisely on the hour (or half hour in India)
JamesC: 3 minutes left
JamesC: time to say your goodbyes and proceed to the next Tap
JamesC: bye
-BCS: Clap..clap...clap...
watervagabond: Thank you all for this amazing experience!
JamesC: thanks so much
-BCS: Thank you all!!!!!
JamesC: hope to see yu in the next session or later today
watervagabond: Guest 1, you can connect with me at
guest1: thank you so much for this opportunity to promote our cuase in sharing work of art for green issues in Asia
-BCS: impressive
guest1: love margaret to all
-BCS: Thank you~
watervagabond: Thanks a lot, from the Gang of 20
suzon: thanks everybody for your contributions
suzon: please join us on the next tap starting in 2 minutes