anniea: hi - we are setting up
antomoro: Hi Annie !
anniea: hi antoine
anniea: on prépare, j\'espère que tout commencera à l\'heure
anniea: suis un peu triste, parce que c\'est dernier événement dans Water Wheel
antomoro: le dernier, c\'est comme le premier, à l\'envers ;-)
anniea: :)
JamesC: looking forward to this session
JamesC: can you not start till I\'m ready with recording
-helen: hi
-helen: i\'m getting ready to record to
-helen: good morning everyone :)
anniea: hi Helen
antomoro: Hi everybody / bonjour tout le monde
-helen: hi annie, hi everyone :)
-helen: are you due to start right on time?
anniea: not sure
anniea: I think so, but .....
suzon: Hi!
-helen: ok, please let me know as i need bout 20 seconds to start the recording
suzon: probably not exactly
-helen: hehe
-helen: bist du erkältet, annie??
-helen: gute besserung!
anniea: hayfever
anniea: a bit
-helen: try kaperstina (nasturtium)
-helen: this really helps andy
Jason: I sympathise
-helen: she has almost no hayfever now
-helen: nice sounds
suzon: seeya Mahesh
-helen: clap clap clap :)
-helen: hi annie & jason!
bonemap: Hello, yes we are having tech issues in Cairns
suzon: lol....
antomoro: :-)
suzon: Annie, you never said that ....
-helen: (james - are you recording?)
JamesC: yes
lilamoore: interesting...
-helen: (i accidentally left skype on & my sister called me so i have stopped my recording. doh!!)
-helen: i think that should be \"pacific\" not \"specific\" ocean ...
-helen: should we be seeing image also?
suzon: There\'s an Invisible Place far away by \rMikko Lipiäinen
suzon: there are 2 excerpts from a longer work
-helen: but no image?
-helen: invisible place?
suzon: Hen, refresh your page :-)
-helen: ok
-helen: refreshed ...
suzon: the link above is the entire video
-helen: thanks, i\'ll have a look at it later :)
suzon: yes...great...
suereid24: affective disanciation of ocean
-helen: but there is a lot of other evidence, like the albatrosses
suzon: distanciation Sue but still everyone has another view of how to describe it
-helen: it\'s very interesting, to dramatise the wikipedia editing history
suzon: affective and effective
-helen: but wikipedia isn\'t really so democratic
-helen: it is controlled by a small group of wikipedians who must have enormous amounts of time
suzon: mmm...yes everyone can share
suzon: knowledge
-helen: so therefore are in quite a specific situation that not many people are in
suereid24: open to wiki editors though
-helen: it\'s quite difficult to edit and to meet all the requirements
suzon: 4 hands dancing
-helen: needs a lot of time & patience
suzon: yes!!!!
-helen: beautiful - hands like some kind of amphibian creatures :)
suzon: yes....each time another mask
-helen: clap clap clap clap :)
lilamoore: not so ordinary...
suereid24: handy
suzon: nice
suzon: L\'amour que rien by \rAntoine moreau,
suzon: an excerpt
suzon: very few media are poetry
suzon: in Waterwheel media centre
suzon: entire video here
suzon: mmm
-helen: clap clap clap :)
lilamoore: clap clap clap
antomoro: :-)
antomoro: many thanks Annie
JamesC: nice presentation
-helen: thanks very much annie :)
-helen: interesting works and thoughts
lilamoore: thank you
JamesC: performativity
-helen: differently abled
suereid24: still thinking of the wiki work - thanks for introducing it
suereid24: cheers!
-helen: clap clap clap
bonemap: Thankyou Annie great presentation
JamesC: our first forays in networked performance in 2003
bonemap: Yes and we are still experimenting tonight
JamesC: using the internet, that is
-helen: it\'s always an experiment :)
bonemap: It has been a pleasure to be involved with the platform
JamesC: the old WWW
suzon: yes....
anniea: yes
suzon: 56 kb modem
-helen: he seems frozen for me
-helen: oh ok
anniea: he is frozen on my site
-helen: saw someone walk past behind
Jason: Blame it on Turnbul
-helen: only russell himself is frozen, not the camera ;)
suereid24: russell\r- you\'re frozen
-helen: is he frozen or just very still?
suzon: exit and back!!!
-helen: a suitcase full of water?
anniea: sound is not continuous
suzon: yes cairns is far!
anniea: ah that\'s why
-helen: far from where ... ?
suzon: :-) far far north! crocodile land.... where you better be in this kinda suitcase
suzon: water time
-helen: not as far north as me & annie are ;)
-helen: nice idea to be peering into the suitcases
suzon: no no...cairns is far more far not much of broadband!
anniea: that\'s another map
suzon: that is the allusion of Jason
bonemap: This is a sound work with video
suzon: Staten Island \rFishermen by Nerina Penzhorn
anniea: so sad to see garbage garbage
suereid24: maybe if we saw it more we\'de mkae it less
anniea: bravo
suzon: Dead Horse Bay by Nerina Penzhorn
suzon: very subtle soundscape
bonemap: A story about how artists engage with the site is here
suzon: thanks
-helen: glass at least is biodegradable
anniea: Sue you might be right
-helen: sue - i don\'t know; in india, the garbage is very visible everywhere, & has been for a long time ...
anniea: the younger generation of artists now have theories where they accept garbage
suzon: Long after We Are Gone by Nerina Penzhorn
suereid24: tough seeing the garbage - but the water washing over it seems so facilitative, slow restorative,reclamation
anniea: morehshin Alla in an interview lately said we should first accept in order to be able to find solutions
-helen: annie - i agree
suereid24: yes Anniea
-helen: if we\'re in denial, we\'ll never deal with it
-helen: but then acceptance can be passive ...
-helen: we have to find a way to turn acceptance into action
anniea: this video also somehow makes awfull things beautiful
-helen: yes
suzon: it s the 7 stages of death process....
suzon: acceptance
suzon: denial bargaining acceptance .....
JamesC: water makes garbage look beautiful
-helen: can water make anything look beautiful, because it is beautiful itself?
anniea: (need to get away 5 min)
suzon: yes, true often...but not when it is mud (mmm....well)
JamesC: water is nature\'s foremost installation artist
-helen: there\'s beautiful mud in rotorua
-helen: ...
suzon: Welcome Robert!
suzon: this is the heat camera
-helen: cool
-helen: is that the musician at the left?
suzon: yes i think so
suzon: Robert
-helen: ah yes
anniea: sorry I missed something - is this live dance and music?
suzon: its funny to see how Rebecca belley is becoming darker as she dances
-helen: yes annie
-helen: with heat camera
JamesC: heat shows as white
-helen: so guitar is not so hot
JamesC: that\'s why Rebecca leaves foot prints
-helen: hah yes
anniea: so nice
anniea: sound is strange but beautiful
-helen: just below her knees is very warm
JamesC: yeah
-helen: cold water?
anniea: freeze?
-helen: yeah lots of freezes :(
JamesC: yeah
JamesC: yes, Hen. water
anniea: question : do you think the sound I hear is what it meant to be ?
-helen: i think so
-helen: it\'s distorted?
suereid24: sound is distorted but I don\'t mind it
-helen: i think it\'s how it\'s meant to be
anniea: I don\'t mind either, think it\'s very beautiful
-helen: interestig how different the body shapes are with this camera
suereid24: moving \rhuman body stain
-helen: yes :)
anniea: it\'s excellent for dance
lilamoore: really good
JamesC: eyes so warm
suereid24: seems terribly vulnerable
suereid24: evaporating
JamesC: they are, aren\'t they?
lilamoore: body of light
-helen: blurred edges
-helen: could be leaky
Jason: inverted xray
-helen: the music is the same, leaky stain
anniea: not meaty this time,
anniea: clap clap
-helen: clap clap clap clap :)
suereid24: fab
JamesC: thanks guys
bonemap: Thank you a small offering
-helen: (i\'ve stopped recording & am saving now)
JamesC: that was great to watch and listen to
JamesC: despite occassional pauses
-helen: yes it was great, thanks russell & rebecca & robert! :)
JamesC: in the stream
-helen: pauses are part of the environment
anniea: agreed, enjoyed it a lot
suzon: Thanks Russell, Rebecca and Robert!
-helen: hah, great!
suzon: sigh....
anniea: rude, crude
-helen: very good image!
suzon: yep!
-helen: so true!!
anniea: link please
-helen: it\'s the same in europe
suzon: Asylum by Hanna Arvela
JamesC: absolutely
anniea: thanks i\'ll find it
suereid24: Canberra here - agree
-helen: is there going to be a list of links to all the media?
JamesC: like wukim
suzon: entire video - ASylum
suzon: yes there is access to the log afterwards
suereid24: and \rmurdered in Honduras
-helen: would be good to have a list somewhere of all the links
suzon: \"Action water painting for climate defenders\" by Joakim Stampe
suereid24: protest is not a singular event - acuumulative
suzon: Sue you can also come back to the Tap page and click on each media thubnails...
suereid24: How long will the links be up for?
-helen: i see suzon, thanks :)
suzon: CHROMA BOOSTER\rby Matthew Geller
suzon: steaming fountains!
suzon: the dreamworld of pipes
suereid24: can there be a farm for \'experiential civic assets\'\rplease
anniea: nicely said Jason
suzon: yep
-helen: thanks jason, interesting works :)
anniea: thank you Jason
-m: Mist, not steam
anniea: good idea
-helen: namaste
anniea: namaste
lilamoore: nammste
anniea: thank you
-helen: thanks you :)
suereid24: lovely
bonemap: thank you
anniea: this is it
anniea: that\'s ok Suzon
-helen: thanks so much suzon & james for all your work
bonemap: best wishes to all
Jason: thanks Suzon & James
JamesC: your welcome my dear
-helen: thanks jason & incahoots too!
lilamoore: thank you all
cleolapa: thank you all!!!
Jason: cheers Mat
-helen: ah, alberto! where is he??
anniea: thank you thank you dear Suzon
-helen: great, suzon :)
-helen: (louise would probably love to hear about your ideas re children & education)
suereid24: So happy I tapped on today. Thank you Suzon - and congratulations everyone. Good night good people!
-helen: congratulations!!!
suzon: thank you to James, Inkahoots and particularly Mat Johnson the developer, Alberto Vazquez the ambassador of Waterwheel in Argentina,
anniea: bye bye Suzon
-helen: bye!!
suzon: Aafke ambassador in the Netherlands
cleolapa: BYE :)
-helen: not the end, but a new beginning ...
suzon: Keti Haliori who inspired me with her work with children ASk the Flask, Amin Hammami from Tunisia
suzon: and all people who contributed
-helen: many many people touched by all this work
suzon: beginning :-)
suzon: BYE!!!!
suzon: thanks to all tonight, today!
JamesC: .
-helen: bye, thank you :)
bonemap: thanks for putting up Roberts work
bonemap: Bye and Best wishes
suzon: i was not sure
suzon: very sorry
suzon: great way of finishing
suzon: thanks!