-Annie: Hi, preparing for recording, all ok?
-helen: hi, i am also preparing for recording :)
JamesC: hi Annie
suzon: Hi!
-Annie: reday
-Annie: ready
-Annie: toi toi toi
-helen: hi everyone :)
-helen: how did the first session go?
JamesC: very meaty, the first session
JamesC: cultural perspectives
JamesC: and harsh conditions for some people in California
-helen: meaty?
-Annie: meaty?
-helen: (we\'ve just been at a vegan day in town)
JamesC: yes
JamesC: lol
-helen: hehe
JamesC: i had vegan day for 4 yrs
-helen: but today is a meaty day!
-helen: (for james)
JamesC: and still say \"meaty\"
-Annie: but what does that mean for a vegan ... aie
-helen: vegan alternatives could be dense, rich .. ?
-helen: well someone can have meaty thighs
-helen: and not have to eat them
-Annie: tempting, or simply nor my piece of cake
-helen: so still be vegan
-helen: and someone can be a meat-head
-helen: and still be vegan
-Annie: haha
-Annie: did you start recording Helen?
-helen: not yet
-Annie: ok me not yet either
-helen: i plan to start right on 13:00
-Annie: 5 min to go
-helen: because it takes so long to save each file
-helen: don\'t want it any bigger than necessary
-KataRina: KataRina
-KataRina: hello from magacin
-Annie: I am going to try to do the two hours all in one - I hope it will work
JamesC: :)
-Annie: Hi Katarina
-helen: hi katarina :)
-helen: annie, i will do a session then save it, so i\'ll do alternate sessions
-helen: hopefully they will be roughly the same length of time ...
-helen: but if a shorter one follows a longer one, i won\'t be able to get the start of it
-Annie: normally they will - more or less I understood with some overall discusssion at the end
-helen: hopefully i can record pascale & then katarina\'s session
-Annie: do you know the ordee?
-Annie: orfer?
-Annie: order
-helen: no
-helen: only what is in the programme james sent
-helen: starting recording now
-Annie: recording started
-helen: recording started too
-helen: hello!
-Annie: hi
-helen: ok, should we pause recording?
-helen: i\'ll stop recording
-Annie: don\'t know Helen
-helen: i stopped it
-Annie: yes maybe you should
-helen: i don\'t think we need documentation of a delay ...
-Annie: I am going to too
-Annie: pascale what are you laughing about?
-helen: i can hear you
-Annie: you can hear who?
-helen: joanna
-Annie: ah, me too
-helen: she asked if there was still a problem with the audio
-helen: i can hear pascale\'s keybaord
-Annie: same here
-helen: do we need to reload?
-helen: ok, i\'m recording now
suzon: hi all!
-helen: hello :)
-Annie: I can not stay with my computer all the time, so please tell me when I will have to reload
-helen: joanna please speak up a bit!
-helen: you are very quiet
suzon: after Joanna we will reload
-Annie: thanks
suzon: :-)
-helen: i can hardly hear joanna, she is too quiet
-helen: needs to hold mic closer to mouth
-Annie: I had a freeze
-helen: me too
-helen: brief
-Annie: very brief
-Annie: louder, yes please
Istillliveinwater: Hello Felicia Konrad here, I don\'t get in to the crew, please help.
-helen: thank you :)
-helen: oops, freeze ...
-Annie: freeze
-helen: frozen for me too
-helen: ok
pascaleb: freezy ball
-Annie: refresh now
pascaleb: in the desert
JamesC: need to refresh, because we added some audio files
-helen: ok
JamesC: you will re-enter faster than before
-helen: back
-back: is back is Annie
-helen: maybe network problem at joanna\'s end?
-helen: is it worth recording?
-helen: when it is something that\'s already a video?
-helen: oh too late, i\'m not recording
-helen: sorry
-back: I am
-helen: shall i start again then?
-helen: oh ok
-helen: you get it then annie :)
cleolapa: nice video and concept
-helen: (i\'m saving the recording of the first bit)
-back: how to curate a performance?
KataRina: here it is
-back: nice sound
-helen: what are the shapes? lakes?
-helen: ahah
-Annie2: :)
suzon: Marie Velardi paintings
suzon: of aquifers
-helen: cool
Istillliveinwater: very beautiful
suzon: and Magali Babin & Andrea-Jane Cornell soundscape live
suzon: mixing
suzon: collaborating for the first time
lilamoore: very nice
-back: sound is much nicer with headset on
lilamoore: ok
suzon: yessss headset always better if possible
suzon: un gros poisson! hmmmm...my habit to see animal and humans everywhere
-helen: this one is a horses head
lilamoore: i can saee the hore head now it wasn\'t there before you mentioned it
-helen: :)
suzon: yesss :-)
-helen: bird
-back: what is nice about watercolors, is that they are a bit fractal
suzon: these are different aquifers from Paris, Esast europe, east siberia
suzon: and Ganga
-helen: they look big, but perhaps they aren\'t really ...
-helen: (or, anymore ...)
FeliciaKonrad: The one in East Siberia is one of the largest
-back: is this the end?
-helen: clap clap clap clap :)
-back: was very nice
JamesC: wow!!!
JamesC: fucking awesome
-Annie2: great
aj: merci
lilamoore: great thanks
FeliciaKonrad: Mmm! Yes, I really liked it!
pascaleb: thank you!
Magali: merci
-helen: (saving recording)
JamesC: ok
-helen: LOUDER PLEASE! :)
-back: I think it\'s also her connexion Helen, that makes sound bad
-helen: no, she just needs to hold the mic close to her mouth
-helen: it\'s fine when she does that
-back: at my computer it goes between good and bad
-helen: i think that she has the mic in her hand, & is moving her hand
-back: ok
-helen: wow, huge
FeliciaKonrad: wow.
-back: beautiful
suzon: work of \rDagmara Wyskiel
-helen: the photos?
-helen: or the ball?
-helen: (or both?0
suzon: the entire work
-helen: ok
suzon: video we saw and the photos
suzon: Joanna Hoffmann directs the pluridisciplinary art & science centre of the university of Poznan
-back: thanks
-back: clocks?
-back: time is up?
suzon: water-the full video is here:
suzon: wheel.net/media_items/view/6117
suzon: oops...full video
-back: there is a hummming sound behind
suzon: water-\rwheel.net/media_items/view/6117
-helen: there is - an audio file still playing?
-helen: or for this visual?
-back: or already playing
-helen: ok, for this :)
suzon: this is Mark Fisher
suzon: sound
suzon: it is very very low frequency
suzon: that are accelerated in order to hear them
-helen: sounds \ralmost like digeridoo
-back: yes
suzon: yes....
-helen: are the images created by the sound?
suzon: yes
JamesC: this sound is not the artists
-helen: cool
suzon: yes, hen
JamesC: the curent sound is coming thru Joanna\'s mic
suzon: i think she is playing that
-helen: ok
-back: strange
-back: it indeed chalenges our perception
-back: is there a link to the sound?
suzon: yes
aj: such a great sound!!!
-helen: we heard most of it :)
-helen: thank you, it was very interesting
-back: can I have the link?
Magali: thank you joanna
FeliciaKonrad: very many right now touching this sound,vibration, soundwaves, energy creating images, patterns...very intresting and intriguing. Thank you very much!
pascaleb: thank you
Magali: very intersting presentation
-helen: clap clap clap clap
JoannaHD: Thank you!!!
Magali: pascalepascalepascale
-helen: yes
Magali: yes
suzon: Mark Fisher sound file is here http://www.freesound.org/people/aguasonic/sounds/333580/#
-Annie2: thanks
JamesC: the sound of aguasonic is here:
JamesC: water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6498
suzon: by Felicia Konrad
suzon: this is a contribution in the call!
suzon: a contribution to the call
aj: just to meantion Magali Babin is based in Montréal, and Andrea-Jane Cornell in Louisville KEntucky
pascaleb: yes
Magali: yes
pascaleb: Marie Velardi between Paris ans geneva
suzon: and they collaborated for the first time....
suzon: there were more than 250 contributions to the call!
JamesC: and Pascale in Brussels?
cleolapa: nice music
suzon: very few were poetry or songs....
Magali: cest très beau ça
FeliciaKonrad: merci
suzon: here is the full song: http://water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6239
FeliciaKonrad: Thank you I feel so grateful! Hello from the whole Cosmic Wash Over.
-helen: thank you :)
Magali: thank you a discovery Felicia
-helen: (my recording of the performance is STILL saving :( seems to be taking twice as long as the recording itself ... )
FeliciaKonrad: Thank you again, I enjoy being here with you.
-Annie2: I am enjoying it too
suzon: :-)
-helen: i can\'t record yet :(
suzon: so now Katarina
aj: bravo Felicia, thank-you for that piece
pascaleb: yes
pascaleb: thank you Felicia
JamesC: yes it was haunting
suzon: Katarina DJ Urošević
-helen: i will just start as soon as the other one finishes ... but it could be another 5-10m. very slow sorry :(
JamesC: no worries
-Annie2: I have no sound now, is that ok?
-helen: i don\'t hear anything either
suzon: with Nataša Milojević, Olivera Milojević,
JamesC: yes it\'s right that currently there is no sound
suzon: and Jelena Lalić, Aleksandar Zečević
pascaleb: ha sound\'s\rcoming
pascaleb: to us
-Annie2: magic vortex
suzon: the other side...
suzon: i like the different angles of the same situation
JamesC: the photographers foot
JamesC: gone :(
pascaleb: I can imagine it on a beach
pascaleb: or on the border of a river
suzon: washing at the river
pascaleb: withoutwalls
suzon: :-)
JamesC: in a cloud
-Annie2: impertuable?
-Annie2: no they are not
suzon: the plastic patch!
suzon: the water wars
-Annie2: armageddon
suzon: chimistry?
suzon: :-) Annie!
suzon: mmm.
FeliciaKonrad: Strong.
-helen: clap clap clap clap! :)
suzon: woooo
-helen: great work, hvala!
JamesC: kickass
-helen: nice use of the different webcams overlaid & projection
-helen: we don\'t hear you katarina
JamesC: was it paint creating the colour?
cleolapa: yes
JamesC: on the clothes?
-Annie2: I also liked the layers
-Annie2: the vortex
-Annie2: no it was meat
guest1: colo\rr is mood
-Annie2: meaty James
guest1: or garbige
-helen: lol
guest1: extualy s normal painting color
guest1: ombre
-Annie2: so I was wrong
-helen: about what, annie?
guest1: is problem with sound
-helen: oh wait i see
JamesC: the audience there are asking questions about a festival
-helen: i read back in the chat, i missed that you were answering to james about the colour ...
-Annie2: :)
JamesC: 250 contributions
JamesC: more than a hundred participants
-carlotta: hi, sorry I am ate!
JamesC: these 7 x 2 hour sessions are just a selection
JamesC: it is like an online exhibition over 34 hours
JamesC: the curators made selections
-Annie2: I\'ll have to stop recording in 5 min, sorry
guest1: thanks annie and helen
-helen: i have also stopped, am saving
guest1: :(((((
JamesC: and the curators present on Waterwheel their selections and thoughts on the pieces
-helen: got the last 15m of the performance
-Annie2: sorry but I have to do other things, I can stay till 15h, but not any longer
-helen: annie, i don\'t think there is anything after 15, until this evening
JamesC: thanks for coming Annie. and also for recording
JamesC: thankyou too Helen
JamesC: I see Carlotta is here
-helen: np james, i\'m just sorry it\'s taking so long to save :/
JamesC: is it carlotta from munich?
-carlotta: yes
-helen: hi carlotta :)
pascaleb: :-)
-carlotta: high, sorry I will be late tonight!!!
guest1: hi carlotta
guest1: THANK YOU
-back: bye bye
-helen: clap clap clap :)
-carlotta: hi!everybody-clapppppp
-back: Thank You!
pascaleb: clap clap clap
pascaleb: thank you
-helen: next is annie\'s performance, yes?
JamesC: water-wheel.net/media_items/view/6498
JamesC: oops
JamesC: not that
-helen: is the workshop online too?
JamesC: water-wheel.net/taps-list
JamesC: yes it is on the Tap
-back: bye bye
-helen: bye, thanks, merci, hvala :)
-carlotta: bye
-helen: see you this evening!
suzon: yes workshop is online too, helen
suzon: 9am UK time
FeliciaKonrad: Bye bye, thank you all of you! Inspired!!!
-helen: ok - i\'ll try to join the workshop :)
-helen: bis später!
suzon: Bye Felicia!
suzon: come to next session
suzon: there is an audio session tap 4
cherylmaeder: cheryl maeder