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Celebratory event of the SOLSTICE
on 22 June 2012
curated by Alberto Vazquez, Argentinian ambassador from Buenos Aires

Time: 7-9 PM in Argentina – find your time http://bit.ly/Solstice-time

As a kid, many years ago, in each neighbourhood, we were celebrating the night of St John with singing and dancing around bonfires, custom of our European ancestors. SOLSTICE is an event marking the highest position of the sun as seen from the North or South Pole.Solstices influence the tides and therefore the life cycle. It is the shortest or longest day of the year according where you live.

- 'Shadows XXX' game-performance
by Carlotta Brunetti (Germany), Katarina Djordjevic Urosevic (Serbia) & Suzon Fuks (Australia)
A game-performance playing on the poetry and variation of shadows according to the time of the day.
We will invite audience members to come on stage with a guest log in (they will need Flash player updated, and “ALLOW” the flash settings, before dragging & dropping the webcam icon from top left corner of the page)

- 'Dies Natalis Solis Invicti'
'The day sun rises invincible' by Julieta Alicata, Marina Quesada & team (Argentina)
Video-dance, theatre, body projections, and music, edited on-line with Waterwheel's TAP palette of tools.

- 'Flow Time'
by Victoria Gibson (Canada), live from New York City. Victoria will mix video of water in summer & improvise music. She invites performers to join her.


Evento de celebración del SOLSTICIO
del 22 de junio 2012
Curadoría por Alberto Vazquez, de Buenos Aires.

Hora: 7-9 PM en la Argentina - encontrar su tiempo http://bit.ly/Solstice-time

Cuando era niño, hace años, en cada barrio, se celebraba la noche de San Juan con cantos y bailes alrededor de fogatas, la costumbre de nuestros antepasados ​​europeos. Solstice es un acontecimiento que marcó la más alta posición del sol, visto desde el Norte o el Polo Sur. Solsticios influir en las mareas y por lo tanto el ciclo de vida. Es el día más corto o más largo del año según donde usted vive.

- 'Sombras XXX' juego-performance
por: Carlotta Brunetti (Alemania), Katarina Djordjevic Urosevic (Serbia) y Suzon Fuks (Australia) Un juego-performance, jugando con la poesía y la variación de las sombras de acuerdo con la hora del día. Vamos a invitar a los miembros del público, al escenario, registrados como huésped (se necesita Flash Player actualizado, y "permitir" los ajustes del flash player, antes de arrastrar y soltar el icono de la cámara web desde la esquina superior izquierda de la página)

- 'Dies Natalis Solis Invicti'
'El día en que nace el sol invencible' por: Julieta Alicata, Marina Quesada & team (Argentina)
Videodanza,teatro,música,proyecciones sobre cuerpos,editado on-line con las herramientas de la Rueda del Agua

- “Tiempo de Fluir”
Victoria Gibson (Canadá), en vivo desde la Ciudad de New York
Victoria mezclar video de agua en verano y la improvisación musical. Ella invita a artistas a unirse a ella.



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suzon (on 23/6/12)
thanks all! ...tomorrow is nice! bzzzzz
alvazquez (on 23/6/12)
Dear all: Thank you for being part of solstice, the performances and the use of the tools are becoming increasingly possible that the images have higher quality and creativity, we certainly have a platform, unique in the world, which gives the possibility of publishing online.During transmission, I learned a lot, I imagine that you too, and I doubt not, we should do more TAP, to keep learning. I worry a little, almost no audience, I think (including me), something about communication, at least I'm not doing well, and that while the people are fascinated when I tell them about of 2.0, however when viewing and / or participate in the TAP, it does not think it's for times in different countries. Surely we can find an answer from time to disseminate TAP.Is true, that it is very new, even for us. Anyway, thank you for your participation, and was very pleasant working with you all, surely we must do more tests, together or each one doing this, for that is WW, which can be used when you want . I leave my congratulations and thanks, for telling us when you want,and special recognize to Suzon,for dedication and patient,all the time.She is in disposition,via mail,skype,mobile,etc,you can find any time you need to help. Cheers-Alberto Vazquez



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