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| Symposium 3WDS13 - Keene Water Jam

WATER JAM is an event organised by Art for Water.
It will happen in a node in Keene, New Hampshire.
An event to raise awareness about inequitable/unsustainable water issues, raise money for local and global water NGOs, and to celebrate the vitality, beauty, and significance of water. Local talent will be performing music, short stories, and poetry directly about or inspired by water.

Art for Water are: Christine Destrempes, Christine Badalamenti and Erika Stimpson
Technical Manager: Ryan Assiu

"BabbleOn" - an experience where participants will write distinct, personal messages about water, then vocalize them, and we will blend individual creativity and intention to produce something moving, purposeful and fluid like water, highlighting both the unique perspective and the collective as significant and powerful.

EARTHDANCE PARTICIPATION to BabbleOn with contact improvisation dancers

Great Lakes Ensemble: Lisa LaMarre -- dance & choreography
James Cornish -- horns
Joseph Vajarsky -- tenor saxophone
Dan Godston -- flugelhorn, small instruments
Tom Madeja -- trumpet
Albert Wildeman -- upright bass
Anthony Poretti – drums


11:00pm 22nd - 1:20am 23rd Mar, 2013

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