Fractal Water


Dear fractal friends,

please join as audience or team. We have a group to interact with media (crew) and another (audience) that may give impulses or questions via the chatbox.

You are warmly welcome to just listen, watch and enjoy the livestream. You don't need a webcam to be able to join the session. You may comment below in the comments section to give your name, interest, question, or feedback to all of the participants.

For those who are interested to check in at other times of day due to timezones, please mail me at info ( * ) and suggest your favorite time. I will find an exclusive session for you in the format of a rehearsal, which will be not part of the official workshop but will influence and enrich the sequence.


Dates: Sundays, 4-5 pm CET (GMT +1) :: *
2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th of December 2012.

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One key point of * fractal water * + is to recognize how patterns in nature have their origin in an angorithmic reality and how much we are part of it.

"Just in perceiving this reality we are living in proves that it is inside of us." That is basically the understanding I carry with this topic. Water has a phenomenal ability to display lots of patterns or algorithms as itself or in interaction with other appearances or substances. I'm taking water as a monitor revealing the constructive framework of our planet, world, and universe. ***

Thank you!

Dominik T.