Symposium - First Afternoon Session


Symposium 'Water Issues Relating to Environmental Landscape Sustainability’
World Water Day, March 22, 2012


(times in Tunisia)
13h35: Sousse table ronde (round table): Sana Mezoughi: 'The lagoon of Ghar El Melh', Zahra Habiba: 'Touristic boom and coastal degradation in Tunisia', Nebiha Bayrem: 'Challenges of water in the oasis of Gabes'

14h30: Alessandro Carboni (Cagliari, Italy): ‘Flowing Rivers’, on the relationship between body & urban space in Asian Cities

14h45: Feirouz Mekdish (Oman): 'To a control of water: ancestral irrigation solution adopted by the Omani society, the Falaj'

15h00: Walid Lataoui (Sousse): The orange groves of the eastern facade of Cap Bon: the water issues to maintain of a threatened heritage

15h15: Karim BelHaj Farhat (Sousse): Analysis of the Roman centuriation and its relationship with the water system of the Tunisian Sahel

15h30: Eklavya Prasad (New Delhi): Megh Pyne Abhiyan (Cloud Water Campaign), a functional network of grassroots organizations and professionals working in five flood prone districts of north Bihar

15h45: end of First Afternoon Session


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