Convergence/Divergence Symposium


on Saturday 8 December 2012
from 10am-1pm (US West Coast time)
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This symposium will happen simultaneously online on Waterwheel's Tap & at Los Medanos College (LMC) in California.
A group of artists, scientists and activists will be presenting their work in the context of an exhibition co-organised by WEAD (Women Environmental Artist Directory), Waterwheel & LMC Gallery.
Each presentation 10minutes, followed by 10 minutes Q&A


10:00 am - Welcome!

10:10 am - Suzon Fuks — Curator and Waterwheel co-founder (remotely)

10:30 am - Lauren Elder — Collaborative Work with LMC Science Class & LMC Professor Mitch Schweickert

10:50 am - Artists Formerly Known as Women — LA (remotely)

11:10 am - Sonja Van Kerkhoff — Water Takes Form

11:30 am - Deanna Pindell — Eco-Art Remediation in the Watershed (remotely)

11:50 am - Christina Bertea — Ghost of Sturgeons Past, Skin of Our Ancestors

12:10 pm - Jane Ingram Allen — California Delta Rivers (remotely)

12:30 pm - Leah Barclay— Floating Land & 'Balance/Unbalance' conference (remotely from Australia)

12:50 pm - WEAD board & Vickie Jo Sowell

12:55 pm - Good Bye!

01:00 pm - END


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