FLUIDATA: An Intermedia Exploration of Queensland Creeks


For Balance/UnBalance Conference, and Healthy Waterways' Connect to Your Creek Week, Igneous presents material and ideas behind FLUIDATA, a multistage project.

From February to May 2014, Igneous artists Suzon Fuks and James Cunningham conducted durational walking-based performances transporting digital recording devices down creeks both flowing and dry, in over two dozen diverse locations throughout Queensland, Australia.

In June 2015, an immersive installation will open at Queensland University of Technology, exploring notions of geological time, embodied presence, and the metaphor of the straight line and the meander – 7500 kms of roadway crossing 663 creeks and rivers.

Recordings of locals in remote places recount extremes of drought and flood – which are considered normal, especially by indigenous people – and concerns over CSG fracking and its attack on aquifers.

Our walking practice invigorates a sense of wonder (and also wondering) in what exists, even in our own backyards.

SUZON FUKS is an intermedia artist, choreographer and director exploring the integration and interaction of the body and moving image through performance, screen, installation and online work http://suzonfuks.net
During her Australia Council for the Arts Fellowship (09-12), she initiated and co-founded Waterwheel, a collaborative online venue for streaming, mixing and sharing media & ideas about Water, as a topic and metaphor http://water-wheel.net

JAMES CUNNINGHAM is a performance, movement, video and networked performance artist working in social, environmental and architectural surroundings, exploring the limits of bodily perception, performativity and the relationality of one’s self with others, objects, and environment.

IGNEOUS is the Australian multimedia performance company co-directed by Suzon and James since 1997 http://igneous.org.au


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