This Tap includes online participants in the panel at the 2015 Balance/UnBalance conference. For those of you attending in person the panel is on Friday March 27, 2015 1:30pm - 3:00pm (Mountain Daylight Time) in Stauffer B125 (950 S. Forest Mall Tempe, AZ 85281) at the University of Arizona.


The rapid proliferation of networked sensors and ubiquity of sensor data from mobile phones, game controllers and portable devices provide fresh possibilities for artists working with climate and environmental data at the intersection of performance, installation and networks.

After the Snowden revelations on how individuals’ data is used, it seems that the great interpreters and choreographers of attention and control of our time may be government agencies and commercial interests. Data and its uses is currently a resolutely political subject and a thoroughly emotional one.

What can artists do in this terrain?

This panel considers the visceral, emotional aspect of data and how artists are working with environmental data to explore emotional, sensory and visceral dimensions.

We will look at performative and participatory art practice and creative activism through creatively exploring environmental data with a focus on how this affects the participant.

Panelists include:
Leah Barclay, Kate Genevieve, Andrea Polli, and Ian Winters


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