Balance-Unbalance 2015 Keynote: Eve Mosher and Alvin Curran


Alvin Curran is an internationally renowned and award-winning American composer who has received much recognition for compositions involving unconventional instruments, unusual performance situations and sites, and live-electronic improvisations.

As part of Balance-Unbalance 2015, Curran will give a keynote and direct one of his signature compositions Maritime Rites on Tempe Town Lake on 27 March.

Democratic, irreverent, and experimental, Alvin Curran travels in a computerized covered wagon between the Golden Gate and the Tiber River and makes music for every occasion: a volatile mix of lyricism and chaos, structure and indeterminacy, fog horns, fiddles, and fiddle heads. Curran, the Darius Milhaud Professor of Composition at Mills College from 1991 to 2006, is dedicated to the restoration of dignity to the profession of noncommercial music making as part of a search for social, political, and spiritual forms.

Curran’s music making embraces all contradictions—composed and improvised, tonal and atonal, maximal and minimal—in a serene, dialectical encounter. His more than 150 works feature taped and sampled natural sounds, piano, synthesizers, computers, violin, percussion, shofar, ship horns, accordion, and chorus. Whether in the form of his well-known solo performances, pure chamber music, experimental radio works, or large-scale, site-specific sound environments and installations, each forge a very personal language through dedicated research and recombinant invention.

Eve Mosher is an artist and interventionist living and working in New York City. Her works use investigations of the landscape as starting points for audience exploration of urban issues. Her public works raise issues of involvement in the environment, public/private space use, history of place, cultural and social issues, and our own understanding of the urban ecosystem. Current work highlights her role as artist/facilitator, in which she brings together diverse knowledge to spur creative outcomes with regional impact. Her work has been profiled in international media, including the The New Yorker, New York Times, ARTnews, Miami Herald, L’uomo Vogue, and Le Monde. Her public and community-based artworks have received grants from New York State Council on the Arts and New York Department of Cultural Affairs, both through the Brooklyn Arts Council, and The City Parks Foundation. Collaborative works with Heidi Quante (Creative Catalysts) have received support from The Kresge Foundation, The Compton Foundation, The 11th Hour Foundation, The Whitman Foundation, and Invoking the Pause. She has a serious interest in urban ecologies and sustainable development.


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