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besides, Online experiments by Annie Abrahams and Martina Ruhsam, who, investigate the performative potential of computer-mediated performance. By listening to each other´s gestures (in a visual and acoustic sense) they choreograph each other despite being geographically far away from each other.

For, "besides, compressed by communication." Annie will be in Montpellier and Martina in Vienna. In Vienna, in Im_Flieger [email protected], there will be a discussion afterwards. In the frame of Metabolism - Ecologies of collaboration / STOFFWECHSEL – Ökologien der Zusammenarbeit (project & platform.)

On Object Agency. As an assemblage of text-fragments and daily objects this live-performance is a series of linkages and open relations between words and banal things. What do words, a pencil and a stone have in common? Does the stone change when being confronted by a hammer? What changes if it is replaced by a pill? Does the image of a spoon change the thought or does the thought change the thing?

Thanks to Waterwheel for hosting this - and keeping things fluid.


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