Cortege on the beach was a performance held on February 24, 2016 at Fundão Island, on the campus of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). This performance was part of the discipline Aesthetic Applied on Performing Arts, under the coordination of prof. Dr. Gilson Motta, to the course of Performing Arts of the School of Fine Arts of the UFRJ.
The theoretical and practical course was focused on artistic practices based on the act of walking, an aesthetic trend that comes with the Dadaists, passed by the Situationists and the Land Art, coming to the present day. One of the walks made with the students was held in the Fundão Island beaches. Bathed by the Bay of Guanabara, this beach contain a lot of solid waste, revealing the high level of water pollution. The great beauty of the landscape became invisible to our eyes because of the amount of waste.
Based on this impressive experience, the students decided to create artistic situations with waste that would be collected from the beach. Three working groups were organized:

1) A work group linked to the Costume course chose to create two wearable (costumes) based on fashion empire in Brazil because the School of Fine Arts was founded exactly 200 years ago. The wearable have an apocalyptic tone, considering that the Guanabara Bay waters were clean at the time, today they are in unrecoverable state of pollution and that the same may occur with other beaches in the near future.

2) A group of students connected to the set design chose to create environments with the material collected for rebuilding the indoors or facilities.

3) The third group chose to make a Yemanja costume, an entity related to the salty water in the african-Brazilian culture. Symbolically, the entity would come out of the sea due to pollution, and seek another place to live.

The Cortege on the Beach was therefore the meeting of these three performances. Led by two performers wearing the apocalyptic costumes, the participants departed from the School of Fine Arts and headed to the beach, passing through the facilities and, finally, meeting the god Yemanja.

Amanda Bretas, Anna Limazzi, Arnold Anjos, André Fontes, Anne Carestiato, Barbara Faccioli, Eduardo Ferreira, Filipe Santos, Flávia Coelho, Guilherme Ribeiro, Juliana Valle, Layse Ribeiro, Luisa Ferrari, Lorena Rodrigues, Luna Descaves, Marcio Rosas, Natasha Quintela, Priscila dos Santos, Robertta Borges, Thais Amorim, Thuany Reis and Uirá Clemente.


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