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Waterwheel is an interactive, collaborative platform for sharing media, knowledge, ideas, performances and presentations about or inspired by water. It is free to use towards awareness, celebration, care & accessibility of water everywhere. You can host or watch events at the Tap, and browse & upload media at the Media Centre.

The Wheel

The rings of the Wheel on the home page represent the latest uploaded media. Click on any ring to see more about that media item. 


Taps are virtual stages for live collaborative events in which you can display and mix images, videos, animations, audio, live drawing and webcams simultaneously. Registered users can create a Tap and invite their "crew". Taps go live during scheduled times, and can be private amongst the crew or public to an online audience. Crew members can re-position, re-size, fade and overlay media instantaneously for all to see, and audience can communicate immediately via text chat. 

The Media Centre

In the Media Centre you can upload, browse and share water-related media. Your uploads will be temporarily displayed as a ring on the Wheel, and always accessible in the Media Centre. Comments made on media items are sent directly to the media's owner, and anyone can share items on social media platforms.

The Founders

Waterwheel was co-founded in August 2011 by Suzon Fuks, Inkahoots and Igneous. Resources for its development have come from Australian national and Queensland state government arts funding, and in-kind support from the founders. Many collaborative artists worldwide tested and gave valuable feedback during developmental phases.

Background to Waterwheel

Suzon Fuks talks about her motivations for initiating Waterwheel in this RealTime Arts interview.

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