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Waterwheel – the world’s first water education platform

Waterwheel is a platform that engages learners and educators to use stories, pictures, tools, questions, and much more to create an interactive learning experience.

Waterwheel’s goal is to educate people about water. They have created an interactive collaborative platform designed to not only identify the challenges but also remove barriers of knowledge and understanding.

Motivational power of water: Water’s role in our lives can be revealed by taking a closer look at how it shapes our world around us.

The Waterwheel interactive platform is designed to educate learners on the water cycle. It features interactive simulations of water flow and visuals to teach students about the importance of clean drinking water.

The platform is used in over 100 countries and has been translated into over 20 languages. In total, it has reached 150 million users

Waterwheel is a collaborative platform that integrates a variety of educational content that helps students and teachers learn about water in an interactive way. Learners can select content from any subject, such as geography, biology, chemistry, engineering or physics and learn about how their knowledge affects the world’s most important resource – water.

The Waterwheel platform also includes educational videos on topics such as global warming, climate change and renewable energy for teachers to use in their classrooms.

Waterwheel is an interactive educational platform that introduces students across the world to water, its sources and its effects on the earth.

The platform provides immersive experiences by immersing them in virtual worlds and simulations. It also allows them to explore their own new perspectives on water. The interactive online platform helps students connect with each other and teachers from a variety of different locations.

Waterwheel is an education project that was created by a group of Swedish scientists and engineers in order to spark interest in science among people who weren’t usually interested in it. It aims at raising awareness about water’s importance for life on Earth as well as for future generations.

Waterwheel is an interactive collaborative platform which allows people to learn about water in a fun and engaging manner.

Waterwheel is the world’s first water education platform, which provides an interactive and adaptive learning experience with educational content on water. The content can be accessed through the website or through their mobile app.

Waterwheel is a platform with an interactive collaborative platform that creates presentations about water. It is created to educate people on the subject.

Waterwheel was created in 2015 by Alex Burghart and Anna Zajac and started as a Kickstarter project. In the first two weeks, they raised more than $200K–the goal was $10K!

Waterwheel has since become available for free and has been supporting communities across the world with its interactive presentations about water, which have been downloaded by over 8 million people worldwide.

This platform is meant to complement the experience of the Water Wheel app by providing interactive information and explanations on topics related to water.

Waterwheel platform is a collaborative project between IBM and UNESCO, aimed at providing educational content about water in a more interactive way. The website features presentations about water as well as interactive live discussions with experts in and outside of technology.