suzon: hi audience!
suzon: we are setting up!
suzon: would you please reload your browser page!
skaar: hi suzon. First one here at los medanos
skaar: Eric has logged in as guest1. Which one to click?
suzon: we are waiting for Jane to come in
suzon: and all the presenters at Los Medanis
-James: hello
-James: to water
-dougretz: to global water health
-James: cheers
-James: to water accessibility
-James: first have to type your name or nickname
-dougretz: doug retzler /grow art loggin in here
-James: yes
-James: a bit closer
-James: closer
-dougretz: volume too low
-yes: alberto
-yes: uauuuu
-James: mic CLOSER!
-James: if the audiencec member called \\\"yes\\\" wants a new nickname, just refresh the page, it wont take long, then retype a new one in the chat
-alberto: thaks james,i was wrong
-dougretz: educators
-James: alberto! good to see your name and that you are here!
-James: you must be getting very efficient at recovering from flood
-alberto: thanks,am waiting performers to do rehearsal,for 12-12-12
-James: technopolis was inundated with flood water the day before yesterday, or yesterday
-alberto: flood was 6 december,yes tecnopilis was uneder water
-alberto: as the rest of city
-alberto: i have an special relationship with water
-alberto: hate (flood) but love too
suzon: any questions?
skaar: no questions from the gallery so far
deannap: where wlll the symposium be physically?
-alberto: was terrific flood
AFKAW: Two suggestions: 1. Link Water Wheel to the on-line site \\\"Green Museum; 2. Write an article about the artists on Water Wheel for Leonardo, the magazine dedicated to the intersection of art, science and technology.
AFKAW: You need to write that article.
-alberto: what leonardo link???
skaar: Sonja shows interest in writing an article
AFKAW: Perhaps you can collaborate with someone about your work.
-James: good on you Sonya
carlotta: hi everybody, carlotta just arrived, sorry to be so late
guest1: Eric, May i interject, Can you explain Leonardo to the audience?
-alberto: magazine is online?
guest1: May we introduce the next guest?
-alberto: thanks,i see
-James: second link works
-alberto: yes,thank
-mem: yes, thanx James
-alberto: mic so close to mouth,much echo,i cant understand
carlotta: yes difficult to understand
deannap: yes
AFKAW: Is this related to Dow Chemical?
-James: speaker can be a hands breadth away from icrophone
-alberto: yes
-James: thats better thanks
-alberto: yes,now is ok
-James: getting closer to the microphone actually degrades the sound quality
-alberto: now is ok
AFKAW: What makes these islands float?
-James: thank you too
-alberto: tahanks
carlotta: thank you
deannap: Will you be building more of these islands
guest1: How long will the island be out?
suzon: Eric who has been very important t omake this exhibition happened!
-James: does it naturally become more flourished..more vegetated?
guest1: How will you dtermine the bioremediation?
AFKAW: Is the Dow wetlands named after Dow Chemical?
suzon: JUDI! the director of the gallery!
esanchezlmc: Yes, Dow has a historical presence in this area
AFKAW: Is There a calculation for the rate of oxygenization per square foot of raft size?
deannap: yes, I would ove to hear more about the scientifuc side thank you.
-alberto: is the same here in buenos ires with down chemical
deannap: Yes, a great idea for a tap!!
suzon: beautiful fountain! :-)
suzon: Mem! here they are the women who made the video \\\'Quench Thirst\\\' that we presented on the Sprinkler Fountain some years ago!!!!
-alberto: advertising introduce need
-alberto: for stupid consumers people
suzon: yes, Alberto, while the tap water is fine, most of the time!
-alberto: obviously
suzon: a sea of bottles!
-James: advertising is an insidious voice that appeals to the stupid part of all of us
deannap: wow, great collection of research, thanks!
-alberto: sure,here now is fashion drink some french bottled water
-alberto: new rich
suzon: ahaahah!
-James: yay!
suzon: this is a performance at the opening!
deannap: hahahaa!
-James: woohhoo
-alberto: tourism consume,here bottled water,cause say thay tap water in not saf\re,here???????
carlotta: Tab water is not free! you have to pay it if you use it dai\rly
-James: in many places around the world the tap water is not safe to drink
-alberto: jajajajaj,sure
carlotta: yes but you culd filter or boil
-James: this initiative is very crucial for developed contries
-alberto: where???
guest1: How did you choose your name?
carlotta: yes thats very true
carlotta: we have to aboil the plastic bottles
-James: aboil?
-alberto: why do not use tap water??
-James: who are you asking, alberto?
-alberto: to carlota,using bottled water,and then boiled??
carlotta: no use the tab and then boil the water like we did in Taipei
-alberto: in german you boil water???
-James: ohyeah?
-James: which cities?
-alberto: my goddddddddddddd
carlotta: no we have at least in my home excellent tab water, it tasts good too!
-alberto: ahhhhhhh
carlotta: Just if you go abroad as S-Africa or India or in Taiwan or China... then boil the water before drinking.
-alberto: i was sick drinking bottled water in New York
-alberto: yesssssssssssssssssss
-alberto: contaminated bottles
carlotta: yes if the dirty ground water ismixed up by a storm, then you should cook the water too, or for small children
-James: yes that is what is being observed..that in India for example it is better to boil, filter..etc and eventually people buy water in large water bottles
-alberto: i have not trust in recycled recipients for water
carlotta: by the way, you should reuse your plastic bottle once you have bought one!
carlotta: yes!
-James: yes they reuse bottles and make them look new with a little bit of clear plastic around the lid
suzon: last comment!
-James: stainless steel
suzon: you can buy metal bottles to re-use!
carlotta: I have a foldable plastic bottle I use since 4 years now!but it was allways for tab water
guest1: We would like to introduce our next guest speaker, Sonja \rVan Kerkhoff
-James: that\\\'s a different kind of plastic
-James: bye
-alberto: thanks for all women,go ahead
-James: thanks
carlotta: bye
-James: artists!! formerly known as women
-alberto: yes,artists
-James: yes
carlotta: nice!
suzon: beautiful!
suzon: wow...memories of water! next world water day symposium theme!!!
-alberto: yes,convergences
deannap: beautiful images
suzon: yes... traces along the stream
carlotta: yes that is what I obseved a long time!
carlotta: super!
-James: thanks
guest1: How was it to work in Turkey?
-James: beautiful and sensitive
-alberto: thanks,
deannap: Yes
suzon: MAUI
-alberto: maori culture?
deannap: MAORI
-alberto: thanks
suzon: MAUI = water
-alberto: realy?
guest1: wai
suzon: WAI
suzon: spirit
guest1: wairua
suzon: promotheus brought fire!
suzon: ok, Maui brought fire too!
-alberto: clap,clap,clap
carlotta: thanks
guest1: Suzon, can you check your Skype IM when you get a chance?
-dougretz: lost visual
suzon: dougretz: can you see now?
-dougretz: all good
suzon: great!
-alberto: graetttttttttttt
carlotta: thanks!
-alberto: bravo
-dougretz: how was public resonse to project
guest1: Did you consider the use of Willows to support deposition of sediment?
-dougretz: is there a local programming for children in regards to project & water health
guest1: After the remaining questions we will take a 10 minute break.
suzon: new program
AFKAW: Lovely project!
carlotta: ok
carlotta: yes
suzon: well, there will be a brea at Los Medanos but not here
suzon: artists will come on stage
carlotta: ohhhhh
suzon: so online audience please stay!
-dougretz: good job deanna
-alberto: very good job,congratulations
carlotta: hello Jane
guest1: Sharon Siskin sends her love to Deanna, she here at Los Medanos College.
carlotta: yes nice thanks
carlotta: why? in Europe and in Bruxelles it is always raining what I remember....