carlotta: it did
AFKAW: suzon, I was wondering if there are issues with privatizing water in Austrailia? Just a question for later....
deannap: AFKAW, I am also interested in that question for later discussion!
carlotta: and I have heard last year that Russians want to buy European lakes...the water is the most important in the future , who owns it...has the power....
suzon: yes
suzon: lets keep it in mind
carlotta: and the kaviar
carlotta: more like an alien
suzon: soft alien!
carlotta: yes
carlotta: they re put these fish in Bernheim forest- lakes when I was there in 2004
deannap: that is so sad.
carlotta: doent that hurt the fish to be caught and released? doesnt that stress the fish?
AFKAW: where is Grinding Rock?
JamesBomd: 14881 Pine Grove Volcano Rd Pine Grove, CA 95665
JamesBomd: wow
JamesBomd: amazing
carlotta: clap! Thanks!
deannap: Are sturgeon considered \\\"endangered\\\"
carlotta: Hello Jane!!
JamesBomd: what was Christina\\\'s motivation to mount the artwork hanging from the ceiling?
suzon: christina? can you respond in the chat please?
carlotta: yes I hear
suzon: i took a photo of that
suzon: too
suzon: Roy has a video in the exhbition
carlotta: thanks!
guest1: How accessible are you to speak with individuals about your residencies?
suzon: oct 2013
suzon: is the next one
carlotta: yes it is lovely there!!
deannap: Whe you received the Fulbright, were you planning to curate or did that come later in your stay?
carlotta: 5 month!
suzon: wow, carlotta!
carlotta: 3x from 2009-2010
carlotta: I was in the Floating land in 2005
suzon: YES
guest1: Yes
suzon: perfect
carlotta: with Kvin Wilson as Curator
JamesBomd: me in 2011
carlotta: oh, but you live there near
JamesBomd: :)
carlotta: advantage, they paid us.
carlotta: now they do not pay
JamesBomd: that wastotally mesmeric
carlotta: very nice!
JamesBomd: it went right into the dark night
JamesBomd: just when we thought all the fires were finished, a new explosion would pop up
JamesBomd: it\\\'s near a little country town
suzon: Balance/Unbalance conference end of May2013 - maybe Deanna you will be able to come?
deannap: Very interesting!
suzon: attakalari dance and martial art
suzon: company!
AFKAW: Do you have a website?
JamesBomd: where is the installation?
guest1: Isthe Twitter name in the TAP?
JamesBomd: where is it shown?
JamesBomd: with surround soundetc?
JamesBomd: great :)
guest1: Are you affiliated to the project at Noosa Bay?
guest1: or beach?
AFKAW: How do you fund your projects?
FloatingLand: @leahbarclay
suzon: thatsthe twitter name of Leah
guest1: We would like to Introduce the co-founder of WEAD, Susan Steinman.
-dougretz: how long has indio australian collaboration been in process
carlotta: i was paid
carlotta: now you have to look for your own support and that is more difficult for foreign artists
carlotta: thanks!
-alberto: alberto
-alberto: thanksssssssss
JamesBomd: good to see you Leah (James Cunningham)
-alberto: great
suzon: thanks a lot Leah!
carlotta: thank you !
deannap: Awesome endoresment, congratulations to WEAD magazine and people!
suzon: Vickie Jo Sowell
suzon: the exhibition chair!
suzon: :-)
suzon: yoooohooo!
suzon: Eric - bravo!
nbertulis: yay water people!
suzon: Judi Petit - the exhibition will be prolonged until beginning of February
-dougretz: thankx all \rwonderful dialog
suzon: thanks a lot
carlotta: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
carlotta: bye and thanks!!
-alberto: thanks,great,congratulation to los medanos and ww
JamesBomd: hey Allison
-alberto: beatiful meeting
carlotta: thanks to los Medanos!
suzon: htttp://www.\
nbertulis: bless the water people
JamesBomd: remember that link!!
JamesBomd: currently 8
carlotta: 10 logged
carlotta: night for me in Germany
carlotta: thanks Suzon for organizing all this!!
-alberto: ciao,bye,thankssssssssssss,cheerssssss
carlotta: cheers! Gosse wine !
carlotta: Goose wine!
JamesBomd: 6 minutes left on this tap
JamesBomd: what an awesome symposium!!
suzon: thanks!
FloatingLand: Thanks Suzon - great symposium!
suzon: thanks