suzon: hi guest!
JamesC: jj i see you
JamesC: are here
suzon: there is an audience, here...i am not sure if you are part of the crew? canyou type your name and press ENTER/REUTRN
suzon: oops RETURN
JamesC: it\\\'s a computer ready to record
suzon: yes but there is a second computer
JoJo: Welcome to Figtree Creek
JamesC: hi JoJo
suzon: FigTree Creel
suzon: Jojo are you part of the crew? are you presenting?
JamesC: i (heart) fig tree creek
suzon: because if you are you need to go back to homepage,
suzon: and then log in and then come back
JoJo: Hi James
suzon: hello audience
suzon: we are setting up here
JamesC: Hi Jolian
jolian8946: hallo james
JamesC: Sharyn is at Flow
JamesC: hey Rhonda!
SustainableSharyn: Welcome to our interactive session on Figtree Creek!
JamesC: why thank you
-hi: hi from wellington
-hELLO: From keppel Island
SustainableSharyn: Welcome Jolian, Wellington and North Keppel Island!
-hELLO: Come out here Rhonda
JamesC: sounds like someone is throwing dishes around
JamesC: or flogging a washing machine
JamesC: lol
JamesC: what IS that sound!!!
SustainableSharyn: The North Keppel Island Environmental Education Centre on the Great Barrier Reef is noisy!
JamesC: hell yeah!
JamesC: is the croc holding pen right next door?
RhondaT: lunchtime
suzon: Rhonda?
suzon: Rhonda is on Keppel Island
SustainableSharyn: It\\\'s North Keppel Island
suzon: great
-JohnnyR: hello
suzon: ripples
-hELLO: Is that algae on a rock
suzon: Hi!
suzon: so for this presentation, audience is asked to type in the chat
suzon: ok
JamesC: moss or algae?
suzon: so we have a river
suzon: a stream
suzon: so it is all about vocabulary
suzon: relection
JamesC: very green
suzon: so we need to respond to the image
suzon: typing what aeach image evokes
JamesC: guppies
JamesC: eels
suzon: mirror
jolian8946: are they native water plants?
-hELLO: Tranquility
suzon: little islands
JamesC: insects\\\'\rislands
JamesC: quiet now on north keppell
jj: bullrushes biblical
Grantcorbishley: do you have frogs?
JamesC: churning
suzon: wow
clee: the creek does not flod ?
suzon: can vary a lot
suzon: quickly
clee: heavy rain problem to comunity?
suzon: i think it does flood Margaret
suzon: flush flood
clee: what prevetion startgeitres
suzon: banks
clee: tthe bank of the creeek erosion?
suzon: sand?
-hELLO: You look lovely Rhonda
suzon: intricated branches
suzon: mince too
suzon: oops mine too
jolian8946: very graphic image
suzon: yes amazing
suzon: to see exacty where it changes, there is a tiny drop in the creek
suzon: and that is where they meet
suzon: healthy
JamesC: like backwaters..that calm place just back from the beach
suzon: bats....
suzon: smell
suzon: sound
jolian8946: yes bigpong
suzon: yes....tornado of
suzon: bats
Grantcorbishley: are they fruit bats
jolian8946: and large deposits
suzon: yes
suzon: some have red on their stomach
jolian8946: roost
JamesC: snails and mooluscs
JamesC: molluscs
suzon: mangrove
suzon: paludier (in French)
suzon: big shells in the mud
JeffKrause: Great to see such healthy mangroves in Fig tree creek
JamesC: gorgeous pic
suzon: so audience you type what the images evoke for yu
suzon: strong
JamesC: tenascious
clee: any endangered species that lives there?
suzon: bells
JoJo: be great to have some more input from the audience
JamesC: it\\\'s like they\\\'re in there for the long run..the mangroves
-Salty: I love a mangrove
suzon: colonies
suzon: armies
suzon: in miniature
JamesC: endangered species are?
jolian8946: low tide
jj: like the hair on my forearms
suzon: crabby
suzon: they are also an army
suzon: always busy
-Salty: Sounds like Rhonda is attached to her creek??
suzon: building
jolian8946: clicking sound of the crabs feet
suzon: tunnels or something else
suzon: strong arm
jj: crustacean creatures creeping cautiously
margaretshiu: How long have you worked on this project?
suzon: that is a great way check out the creek on the way to work! :-)
-Salty: Wow
clee: you ladies are volunteers protecting the creek?
jolian8946: who clears the creeks?
clee: or are there local authoriteis supporting this too?
suzon: they explained at the beginning that they work in various organisations
clee: great community power!!!
jolian8946: sound of wind in casurinas
-Salty: meeting place
clee: do you have a formal netowrk for such a vlounteer group?
-Salty: Tou can see where Rhonda id on the horizon
margaretshiu: How often do you do activities with volunteers together?
jj: we wish we were there
JeffKrause: wish I was on NKI with you guys today Rhonda
clee: great work!!!
margaretshiu: Really powerful
JamesC: woo hoo
clee: we need to learn form you a;
JoJo: Thank you everyone
creekwoman: thank YOU
-Salty: Loved it ... outstanding work
jolian8946: nice sound track
JamesC: clap clap
JeffKrause: I hear you guys did a great job cleaning up Conical today
SustainableSharyn2: Thank you all for participating!
-Salty: Word does get around
JamesC: _/\\\\_ _/\\\\_ _/\\\\_ _/\\\\_ _/\\\\_ _/\\\\_
clee: grass root power
JeffKrause: two for the price of 1 wow
JamesC: _/\\\\_ _/\\\\_
suzon: Thanks very much Rhonda, Sharyn and Jo!
suzon: PRofs youa re on!
suzon: we can not hear yo....aaaaaaaaah!
suzon: :-)......not hiding!
suzon: no
suzon: didnt have time yet
jolian8946: too busy watching water-wheel
suzon: .....
suzon: :-)
suzon: come on
suzon: tunisian book!
suzon: riperian zones are important....
suzon: wow...clap clap clap
suzon: so we are all tied in
suzon: ?
suzon: THE institute
suzon: hurrah!
suzon: a solution on a lot of problems
margaretshiu: Cockroaches are wonderful!!
suzon: cockraoches...
-JohnnyR: hahaha
-wow: wow
suzon: protein of the future
-wow: we\\\'ll all be eating them
suzon: yes....
jolian8946: chocolate coated
suzon: no choclate in a few years, Jolian...too much water footprint!
suzon: therametre
suzon: :-) very true?!
suzon: another connection to creek....
clee: vermon will be in charge of our world soon
suzon: yes...cobwibe web!
suzon: cobwide web
suzon: aaaah terrormetre
suzon: i didnt get it first
Rocket: ahhhhh
suzon: TERROR metre....
jj: challenge
suzon: find a way to overcome FEAR!
Rocket: embrace fear of ecology
suzon: canadians??? australians!
Rocket: embrace \recology of fear
Rocket: lets just embrace
JamesC: (mm)
clee: like geokos you can get used to them, but they ones that fly that is very scary
JamesC: i got used to them too!
suzon: which is happening here....
Rocket: unpredictable, random
margaretshiu: it is fun to make experiment about creek.
DetroitDiva: I\\\'m glad I caught the song
suzon: lalalallala
Rocket: bring a little water too me
suzon: eeeeeeeee.....
margaretshiu: Bring the water to me.
suzon: while
DetroitDiva: I\\\'m waiting
margaretshiu: every little once in a while.
JamesC: _/\\\\_ _/\\\\_ _/\\\\_ _/\\\\_ _/\\\\_
clee: all we need is spoonfull ofo clean water
Rocket: amen
Rocket: thanks
Rocket: we can\\\'t hear you
DetroitDiva: can\\\'t hear you
creekwoman: WE CAN\\\'T HEAR
suzon: you can not hear?
suzon: refresh your pagge
JamesC: yes
suzon: reload
creekwoman: can now thanks
suzon: because sound is working
suzon: good :-)
suzon: theank you magnificent objects workers!
clee: our plum tree creek as it si in presetn times
suzon: thank you thank you!
DetroitDiva: suzon, just could not hear you
suzon: the movie is in 2 parts
creekwoman: its very beautiful clee
suzon: clee is catherine Lee
margaretshiu: Sorry. We have a little bit problem of connection.
suzon: with Margaret Shiu from Bamboo Curtain Studios in Taipei
DetroitDiva: video looks perfec, very clear
margaretshiu: This is our creek -good, bad and ugly.
creekwoman: suzon what time does wellington start please
margaretshiu: This is second part of the video.
suzon: together with Wu Mali they have made the PlumTree Creek Project
suzon: so much cement
suzon: but garden
margaretshiu: Using art and culture
suzon: YES
DetroitDiva: yes
JamesC: yes
suzon: YES
suzon: good
suzon: local wisdom
suzon: combined with...
suzon: please type
suzon: sustainable change
creekwoman: After forming a local community group celebrating the creek we found many stories and perspectives -there is a shared strength to facilitate change.
suzon: Bamboo Curtain Studios is \rArtist in residence
creekwoman: Yes, transarts websit promotes this artist residency, I have tagged it out of my personal interest.
creekwoman: The same applies to our creek except we gave it a name where there was no name before
creekwoman: The older generation remember playing with this stream before it was filled in or piped beneath the landfill
suzon: Wu Mali
suzon: ecoartist
suzon: working with community
suzon: intergenerational
suzon: alessandro carboni!
margaretshiu: YES!!
suzon: he did a lot of performances on Waterwheel
JamesC: alessandro hasdone 3 performances on the Tap
margaretshiu: He had a video art work in the Plum Tree Creek.
suzon: Global Water Dances also in Taipei
margaretshiu: YES!!
margaretshiu: They have performance every year with Danceology Group.
suzon: :-)
DetroitDiva: so nice
suzon: people as springs
suzon: people as fountains of knowledge
suzon: of sotires...continue the story!
DetroitDiva: yeah!
suzon: how to continue???
suzon: maybe professors should go to Bamboo Curtain Studios ?
DetroitDiva: yes
suzon: the Magnificent Objects Workers
margaretshiu: YES!! Please come. We welcome all of the professors here to visit Plum Tree Creek.
suzon: another place where Alessandro went
margaretshiu: Exactly!!
creekwoman: What a great model for us all
suzon: yes, that is when we met you! at the science \rmuseum
suzon: was so timely!
suzon: impressive fresco around the entire room
margaretshiu: Thank you every one!
jj: great work, we are inspired by you
creekwoman: We can\\\'t here you either
margaretshiu: Pleae close us.
margaretshiu: Please close us.
creekwoman: sound low and back room
creekwoman: Grant says yes we here you
JamesC: thank you for a wondeful presentation, Margaret and Catherine
clee: thankyu
creekwoman: Can\\\'t put webcam on yet
JamesC: You are really inspirational
creekwoman: Grant says OK now
clee: we need to learn more way to engage
JamesC: yes we hear you in nz
JamesC: i hear Ian
JamesC: i hear you
Rocket: yes i can
JamesC: refresh, suzon
Rocket: we can hear you too
JamesC: Ian, you are ok
suzon: YES
margaretshiu: YES!!
margaretshiu: We can hear you.
JamesC: that\\\'s fne
JamesC: excellent
suzon: Hi Grant! hi creekwoman, in Wellington
JamesC: hello Grant
suzon: http//
suzon: yes, thanks
suzon: yes
creekwoman: is the sound ok/
JamesC: yes
creekwoman: tanks
suzon: Leah Barclay started a project recording biospheres around the world
suzon: :-)
creekwoman: great will look later
suzon: nice
JamesC: and here you are, out of the video
suzon: Hi Jenny!
creekwoman: she is a little busy so i will say hi from jenny
suzon: ok :-)
JamesC: yep
margaretshiu: Oh!! I love the story-telling.
clee: really good way to educated the way simpel and effective
suzon: meet you at the see too!
suzon: yes....
suzon: Hi Dave!
clee: very creative and effective use of annimation and photgraphy
JamesC: wasn\\\'t it
JamesC: eautiful andengaging
suzon: :-)
JamesC: coool!
jj: going down the creek in flood time on an inner tube
creekwoman: It\\\'s ok! ... there is no sound :)
suzon: :)
JamesC: great analogy at the end, the two whirlpools
suzon: so each person has ap ersonal work about the creek as well as particiapting to a group work?
clee: yes the smallerst to the biggest unversal pull
creekwoman: Yes that\\\'s right
JamesC: hear ye
suzon: Aaaaah, a face to the creekwoman!
suzon: breakfast, tea time...
suzon: food and conviviality!
suzon: i would like to share some water ...
suzon: beautiful
suzon: communal ritual/performance
suzon: Hi Andrea!
clee: very spiritual work in that perforamnce
clee: thank you for htat work
creekwoman: hi from Andrea
creekwoman: Suzon, see our message in the crew window
JamesC: contemporary ritual
suzon: yes nice...
suzon: maybe each person can imagine one?
ASelwood: Cool, Mum. Were all watching you
creekwoman: thanks darling
suzon: :)
suzon: we never know how many people are behind one computer????
suzon: beautiful
suzon: lines
suzon: layers
JamesC: wow
JamesC: thanks
suzon: thank you
ASelwood: Hurray
ASelwood: Thanks
suzon: oooh great!
clee: great installtion interactiv e show as i saw in the wb
suzon: postcard of each creek
suzon: :)
creekwoman: Postcard addressed to the creek
clee: very beautiful site and good installation
suzon: yes...what do they write on the postcards?
clee: can we see those reponses
clee: we have similar idea locall in taiwan on our plum tree creek too
clee: this is an effective way to do it
creekwoman: They wrote their personal message about the meaning of the creek to them, some drew their message
suzon: thank you!
clee: thank you so so much
clee: our team earned a lot of possiblilty wiht little money involved
creekwoman: no audio
JamesC: no
JamesC: can hear you?
suzon: can you hear?
creekwoman: thankyou everyone!
ASelwood: Bye
JamesC: wow
JamesC: that\\\'s a big statement
suzon: can you type it James
creekwoman: Our presenters are a little overwhelmed but yes we have learnt alot from this project within a project
creekwoman: We are working with the local council/ govt, water engineers so freshwater does not mix with the leachate
creekwoman: The community awareness of the creek has pressured the council to make things happen
suzon: while community feels empoered to speak
creekwoman: Technology has brought our community closer together
JamesC: lol
suzon: it triggers a memory of a project in Mexico of the Super Heroes in Favellas...groupin people around them...
creekwoman: Keepoing up the momentum (like water) is important?
JamesC: huh?
JamesC: can\\\'t hear Grant
JamesC: CAN\\\'T HEAR
suzon: yes...momentum...the flow
creekwoman: This is Grants website and electronic newsletter keeping up all informed in the valley community
suzon: it is difficult to hear grant
JamesC: vocal too low
JamesC: try again Grant, please
creekwoman: Were trying a few things to alter sound
JamesC: no
JamesC: all except NZ ae very loud!
creekwoman: Sorry, our original microphone set-up failed earlier this afternoon. We tried with a webcam headset but we are not getting enough pick-up from it. Sorry
creekwoman: Who\\\'s dog is let out?
creekwoman: We love clear symbols here!
creekwoman: This is true, the opportunity to talk with neighbours about the project And alert people who didn\\\'t know about it
creekwoman: RE postcards
creekwoman: Global \\\'creek\\\' goes a long way to making the local global!
JamesC: Waterwheel has a postal address
creekwoman: Because you can\\\'t hear us, just wanted to say thanks to the Qld crew - we really enjoyed your activist performance
JamesC: and such a beautiful name
creekwoman: Thanx professor!
creekwoman: Springs and fountains- the natural & the civilised!
creekwoman: Pomegranite?
JamesC: percimon
creekwoman: Mirror, mirror, on the web? Who\\\'s the easiest to hear here?
RhondaT: great to learn from each other.
williamwaterway: Instead of a music jam - you are having an impromptu water jam.
clee: give us a common e maila nd then we can share
suzon: there are some people here in Queensland who have also done interesting shadow puppets about marine conservation
suzon: thanks Rhonda
JamesC: We are trying to document every session
suzon: there is a session now about Indigenous Water Rights with Aboriginal and Maori people
JamesC: you will be notified when the documentation is finalised
clee: thank you all of you
JamesC: thankx x x x
JamesC: _/\\\\_ _/\\\\_ _/\\\\_ _/\\\\_
clee: much work done and much mre good work for the future
williamwaterway: WELL DONE!!!
clee: thank you
margaretshiu: Thank you!!