-Sylvie: coucou Annie :)
anniea: Hi
suzon: gutten abond
anniea: a little bit nervous this time
-Sylvie: héhé
anniea: Hi Sylvie, Hi Suzon
-Sylvie: bonsoir Suzon
suzon: bonsoit
suzon: soir.... ici il est 22h40
anniea: I won\'t be very talkative, sorry, want to concentrate on my text
anniea: just time before sleeping Suzon, are you still in India,
JamesC: hi
anniea: hi James
anniea: Suzon\'s gone again, not a stable connexion maybe ...
-bonjour: Bonjour
suzon: yes we are in India until 25 December
-bonjour: Can one change the username? Bonjour should be Jan R
anniea: bonjour bonjour
-Sylvie: bonjour
anniea: Suzon can you tell Jan how to change his name, please
suzon: yes you can by going bacwards inbrowser. and we arrive on the Tap, you type first your nMe and then enter
-bonjour: ok
-Sylvie: :)
suzon: you need to type your name cirst thing
-JanR: Ok it works
JamesC: Jan: go back and re-enter again. then the first thing you type is useename
suzon: great
suzon: oops...first thing! hi Jan!
-JanR: Hi Suzon
suzon: when are you going to the Villa?
-JanR: december 12th
suzon: ah....maybe it will be all white under snow?
-JanR: perhaps, and cold
-JanR: jingle Glocken
suzon: here it is 35
anniea: we are testing
anniea: Suzon, when can you see the thing starting?
-JanR: no sound yet
anniea: exactly on time?
suzon: james is trying to be on the tap with his mobile
anniea: can you see images?
-JanR: no
anniea: so nothing, ok Suzon is that normal for a public event?
suzon: no...we see the countdown
anniea: but is it normal?
-JanR: me too see countdown
anniea: we are streaming testing
anniea: should you be able to see that or not?
anniea: sorry you guys .... things are a bit .....
anniea: in 8 mintes we should be starting
suzon: no we should not hear or see you until countdown is finished
suzon: r6\'30\"
-JanR: tests
anniea: so we will do a sound test at 18.30
suzon: annie, you should see the count down on top right of stage
anniea: but it will be part of the performance already
suzon: ok
anniea: Nova Gorica public projection is still struggeling
suzon: is it on a wifi?
anniea: Jan tell us in the tchat about sound volumes when we start
anniea: and or Suzon
suzon: ok
suzon: there are guests without names...if you want, you first type a nickname and type enter... :-)
-James: James
-James: oops
suzon: hi james!
-Ienke: Hi
suzon: hi Lenke!
-Sylvie: hi Tenke and James
-James: helloKeene
suzon: hi Sylvie!
-JanR: 5
-Sylvie: Ienke sorry
-JanR: 2
-Sylvie: hello Suzon
-JanR: i hear something
-Ienke: yes!
-yes: yes i hear! hello from amsterdam
-JanR: sound is OK
-JanR: Reality is an illusion anyway
-Sylvie: interpretation yep
-JanR: Virtualization by the media
-yes: they\'re machines recording data - i don\'t ant to turn them into agents - if not for dream play purposes
-yes: they may be talking - but they don-t know what they-re talking about - they-re still machine, still
-yes: wrapped up bra
-yes: let\'s eliminate ourselves
-yes: us & them
-yes: again
-Sylvie: bing bang
-Sylvie: body whisky connection
-yes: machines evolve from nature
-yes: let\'s not shut them out
-yes: or shut ourselves out
-Sylvie: nature ? does it exist ?
-yes: love is all we need!
-yes: Sylvie, you are so nature
-yes: the sound of the Sun, the sound of Light
-helen: clap clap clap :)
-yes: clap clap clap!
-Sylvie: clap clap
-Ienke: clap clap clap!
anniea: thank you for watching
-yes: thank you, i loved the format, from what i understood of the text mostly did not agree with content, hope you didn\'t mind my comments!
-helen: thank you for the performance :)
anniea: what did you think?
-yes: the show was great thank you, gabi
-Ienke: thank you for your performan\rce
-yes: loved to hear a dialogue
-Sylvie: thanks Annie and Martina
-yes: and the choice of objects was always intriguing
-helen: i can still hear someone ...:)
anniea: :)
-Ienke: it was intriguing and puzzling
-yes: a nice trip
-Ienke: close and distant
-JanR: I am very much puzzled indeed
anniea: Could you follow what the objects, we said?
-yes: will the text ne available online somewhere?
-helen: sometimes there seemed to be connections between objects & text, sometimes not
anniea: it was already available a few days ago
-yes: grasped some of the concepts, not sure if i got the whole thing
-yes: o thank you i didn\'t know
-yes: i\'ll look for it
anniea: we just changed one or two phrases and we imporovised
anniea: didn\'t do it in the order of the text to make the other listen and to not just read
-Ienke: it is very complex
-yes: i really loved the objects - and how they seemed to wander around or depart from the subject that was being discussed
-Ienke: although it seems simple
-helen: yes, complex in its simplicity
-Sylvie: simplex
-helen: hehe
anniea: and that is maybe what Martina and I like
-helen: comple
-Sylvie: :)
-Ienke: :-)
-helen: complicity ...
anniea: Text comes from what we both read during a month, then we combined, mixed, adjusted etc to have a common text
-vazco: grufff....Suzon and I missed it here at the beachhouse
-vazco: wifi went off and then came back afterwards!!
anniea: and we also decided to have objects that don\'t tell personal stories
anniea: I am glad you were there to assist us
anniea: Thanks a lot
anniea: text is online at bram.org/besides
-helen: thank you :)
anniea: there will also be a video and maybe chatlog later
anniea: any questions?
-Ienke: bye everyone nice spending some time together
anniea: yes it was nice for me tooo, very nice
anniea: see you next time
anniea: and have an excellent evening
-helen: you too :)
anniea: byebye
-vazco: bye
-vazco: bye
-vazco: bye
-helen: bye!
-Sylvie: bye
anniea: bye Sylvie
anniea: I will take a glass of wine and toast on all of you
-JanR: OK!!
-JanR: bye
-julien2: Too late?
anniea: too late
anniea: finished 20 min ago
-julien2: ok,sorry, next time :)
anniea: no problem, hope to see you next time