anniea: dear audience, we will be there at 20h
-helen: thank you :)
anniea: hi Helen
-helen: hi :) (multitasking ...)
anniea: good, because we might be 5 min late, the time for the people in Vienna to come in and settle
-helen: ok, no problem
Jan: hi Helen
JamesC: break digits
JamesC: cous cous
-helen: hi everyone :)
anniea: thanks
JamesC: (singletasking)
-helen: (now singletasking)
-helen: (recording)
-jul: hello
Jan: still some tch problems
anniea: hello we have some problems
Jan: tech I mean
anniea: we will be a bit late
-helen: ok, i\'ll pause the recording
Jan: oh dear!
-helen: break digits!!
anniea: martina is logging in again
anniea: she cannot hear me
-helen: we hear you
-helen: very clear
-helen: hmm
anniea: did you hear Martina
JamesC: ok
-helen: yes it\'s good
-helen: martina a little echoey
-helen: but clear
-helen: great - it\'s very tricky
-helen: the audio set up
-helen: great!
-helen: shall i start recording again?
anniea: wait a few minutes Helen
anniea: start as soon as the first object comes in
-helen: ok
JamesC: is it ok I record too?
anniea: sorry , please be patient we are not starting yet
anniea: please do James
JamesC: camera on the right has a lens smudge
anniea: the audience in Vienna has to settle down
JamesC: just sayin
Jan: supermarket cam
anniea: I know can\'t make it go away, tried already, was hoping noone noticed
anniea: but
anniea: a few more minutes
Jan: the suspense is too much
JamesC: I should have assummed that
anniea: :)
anniea: and there is also a spot on the paper
anniea: grrrrr a dropje
anniea: I think we will start soon
Jan: maña?
anniea: I stop typing now, will be back in the tchat afterwards
anniea: patience please
anniea: I don\'t know when it will start exactly
-helen: ok, don\'t worry
-helen: the suspense is wonderful!
anniea: It\'s Austria
-helen: genau, austria!!!
anniea: beautiful surfaces
-helen: is that ice cream?
JamesC: shadows on the left
-f: f
JamesC: g
-helen: h
JamesC: performance money
-helen: bubbles!
JamesC: it\'s a better brew
-helen: great reflection in the cd
-helen: the objects ...
mollyh: wonderful script
mollyh: thoughtful images
-helen: is anyone else hearing annie\'s voice distorted?
mollyh: i like design - tandem images
mollyh: and title
-helen: ok, not just me :)
-helen: deliberate?
-helen: annie has been infiltrated!
mollyh: free ratioinal subject -
mollyh: are the performers in two different spaces?
-helen: yes
-helen: martina is in vienna with an audience
-helen: annie is at home in montpellier
-helen: clap clap clap clap :)
musinou: :-)
JamesC: thank you!
Jan: OK!
-helen: hello!
-helen: great :)
JamesC: how is it?
JamesC: to be seen?
-helen: we are here
-helen: i will stop the recording now
-helen: a pleasure to record :)
JamesC: hello in Vienna
anniea: thanks for coming
musinou: pleasure!
-helen: haha yes, that was funny!
-helen: annie you sounded possessed
-helen: no normal now
JamesC: that was great
Jan: Annie has always been an alien
-helen: i thought so
JamesC: I thought Jan was tinkering
-helen: it explains a lot
-helen: it was a bit like darth vader
JamesC: anomilies
JamesC: anomalies
-helen: your communication was certainly very different for a minute or so, annie!
JamesC: and your set up
JamesC: can you repeat it?
-helen: it must be a good directional mic that martina has
JamesC: looks like a regular vocal mic, but a stainless steel mic stand
-helen: i am curious to know how they solved the audio issue for the space in vienna
-helen: (since i often have to deal with the same thing & i know it\'s really tricky)
Jan: How was the script determined?
JamesC: easy. put the speakers away and not facing the microphone
-helen: hmm, it\'s not always that easy
-helen: not always enough space to do that,
-helen: & sometimes mic moves ...
Jan: Can we ask questions or WHAT?
-helen: hehe
-helen: speak up, jan!
-helen: you might have to shout ...
JamesC: so there was a performer-determined aspect to the scripting, the narrative
JamesC: did you set the order of objects
-helen: which objects were you not sure about?
-helen: and why?
musinou: That was pretty
-helen: but you decided that was ok
-helen: to do an action
-helen: she does look very frozen
JamesC: if a performer chooses objects at will, and chooses phrases at will, then how can they not respond to the other\'s choice and then how can they not avaid making some connectins that might be considered narrative?
Jan: Annie tell us about the scripts!
musinou: I liked the rhythm it gave
Jan: finallay
JamesC: deliberate non-obvious connection
-helen: lol
Jan: deliberately no connection at all!
JamesC: allowing for \"accidental\" connection
mollyh: duration? can you talk a little about time?
-helen: mostly i did not make a mental connection between the objects
JamesC: i did, at the start
mollyh: only that the objects seemed ordinary and roughly the same size, deliberately stripped of image?
JamesC: but the piece weaned away my narrative-hungry brain
mollyh: the silence was great, after the text
JamesC: i loved the plastic bag\'s little performance
-helen: yes :)
mollyh: incidental \"life\" of objects...the reflection in cd, presence of speaker out of frame
-helen: hah
-helen: what is it in the water?
musinou: oh
-helen: ah, candy
JamesC: dissolving
musinou: that could come back
-helen: wasn\'t the tea candle lit?
-helen: i think i saw some flame movement?
-helen: or was it my imagination ...
-helen: so taht was object movement/performance
-helen: and the compass
-helen: that was nice
-helen: several things were not inanimate
JamesC: Atefeh Khas, Iranian artist presenting later in Water Works! has previously presented on Waterwheel a performance without people only ice melting
-helen: oh yes what was the ice cream?
JamesC: playdo
-helen: echt??
-helen: ahah
-helen: so, i\'d better not try to eat it
musinou: unless they come back later, maybe?
JamesC: the home-made variety is edible
-helen: :)
JamesC: the old fashioned variety
-helen: jan, what is for dinner?
Jan: rite
JamesC: rise
Jan: ducks
-helen: rice!
-helen: we also had tice :)
-helen: with stir fry & peanut sauce
musinou: It was great to see you Annie, bon appétit!
-helen: oops rice
Jan: right jan is cookin
musinou: thank you!
-helen: good on you, jan!
mollyh: loved that, thank you...i have to go, but wonderful.
musinou: Sonia!
-helen: hope you\'re having a beer while cooking :)
musinou: c\'est Sonia!
Jan: sure enough
mollyh: hi annie
JamesC: yes, molly
mollyh: bye
JamesC: bye
-helen: bye everyone :)
JamesC: me too
mollyh: great
-helen: thanks annie!
-helen: thanks martina!
-helen: bye :)