-ola: boa noite, u-la auga?
-FoxyLady: hi!
-FoxyLady: when does it start? am i too late?
JamesC: no, I don\'t think so
JamesC: we are on time
RitaSeco: nine!
JamesC: what do you think I-body means?
JamesC: nine minutes late?
RitaSeco: No. Performance starts at nine.
JamesC: how long from now is that?
JamesC: how many hours?
JamesC: minutes?
-FoxyLady: well ....what time is it for you now RitaSeco?
-FoxyLady: here in Australia it is already 21 January and \r6.13 am
JamesC: should we come back in 40 minutes?
RitaSeco: 45 minutes JamesC
JamesC: got it
JamesC: ok
RitaSeco: :)
JamesC: might go drink some water
JamesC: \"break a digit\"
RitaSeco: ahaha... yes.
Mbotelha: hello :)
Mbotelha: I Body is: An experimental cyberformance in the platform Water-Wheel Tap with students of Digital Performance about the relation between body/identity and technology. Several on-camera scenes commenting on our stressful contemporary relationship with technology are separated by relaxing water and nature sounds.\rIn Portuguese.
Mbotelha: Any question, just ask here
RBarbosa: hello
Pipasss: Hello!
Mbotelha: :)
claragomes: Hello all!
claragomes: Thanks James
Joni25: Hello
-foxylady: hi!
Mbotelha: hi
RitaSeco: Hi! Welcome!
Joni25: Welcome all
Mbotelha: five minutes to go
claragomes: I-body is an analogy to I-\rphone
Mbotelha: almost
barbarasousa: anyone wants me \rto translate?
-foxylady: yes please
Mbotelha: Ritas were talking about faceook likes
Mbotelha: Rita B asked Rita S, to like a photo on facebook, but Rita S was doing a college work, and didnt want to
Mbotelha: Now, Carlos is talking about Ciberformance Plataforms
Mbotelha: and SecondLife
barbarasousa: he is saying that in this type of games you don\'t be ashame of doing wherever you want because it is a virtul space and not real life
Mbotelha: he is talking about the benefits/ the good part of the platforms
claragomes: são cinzentos porque não estão renderizados
-foxylady: funny this avatar with big muscles and tiny head
-foxylady: mmm can be recorded?
Mbotelha: recorded
-foxylady: wow, what a world! even under the water watching TV with a burger
barbarasousa: yes!! ahah
-XD: a imagem é maravilhosa
JamesC: what do you think a dog can see under water?
JamesC: hi
-foxylady: ok getting ready
claragomes: This a pause for exercise away from the PC....
claragomes: more or less away
Mbotelha: get up and exercise with them!
claragomes: Lets all exercise our eye balls!!!!
-foxylady: oooh i can not hear properly
JamesC: cool
JamesC: thanks
Joni25: you\'re welcome
barbarasousa: hope you like it ;)
-foxylady: yes, shoulders needed it
JamesC: yes. woke me up
JamesC: ola Rita!
JamesC: hola
-foxylady: mmm...translation?
-foxylady: would be welcome
claragomes: they are talking about the marvelous world of the internet
claragomes: and mobile communication
JamesC: ciao
-foxylady: Marvallous? but danger was written too
-foxylady: hello!
barbarasousa: yes! we are talking about the good and the bad things of internet
-foxylady: what is bad? what is good?
claragomes: in this case for the children
barbarasousa: Now this two beautiful guys will have a discussion about the children and how they are influenced by internet
Joni25: negative and positive aspects of internet in childs
Mbotelha: in a negative (joni\r) and positive way (ricardo)
barbarasousa: one of them two is against internet in children\'s life and the other one is not against
JamesC: bye
claragomes: these are two computer workaolics
JamesC: ha ha
JamesC: cool
JamesC: great use of mirror flip \"editing\"
claragomes: she died
claragomes: thanks
JamesC: death by overwork
claragomes: yes
claragomes: the end
rlgames: \\o\\ \\o\\ \\o\\
JamesC: not supported by her work partner!!
rlgames: /o/ /o/ /o/
rlgames: \\o/
JamesC: I\'m going to die
JamesC: :)
claragomes: No....
claragomes: hope you like it
Joni25: Final
-foxylady: clap clap!
Joni25: Thanks all
JamesC: sweet
claragomes: thanks foxy
rlgames: ieyyyy
Mbotelha: Thank you all!!!
JamesC: slick
barbarasousa: thanks!!
JamesC: fun
claragomes: Thank you all
JamesC: inventive
Joni25: I hopened you like
RitaSeco: Thanks you all!
claragomes: It was fun to do
JamesC: i bet
-foxylady: yes to watch too!
claragomes: Waterwheel is a great platform for cyberfromance
-foxylady: thank you
JamesC: glad you like it
JamesC: hi!!
claragomes: Bye1111
-foxylady: bye guys!
JamesC: we, the people
JamesC: i know that face!
barbarasousa: YEESS!!!!
-foxylady: bye!
barbarasousa: bye!!
-foxylady: ciao!
Mbotelha: byeeee
claragomes: BYe!!!!
barbarasousa: ciao :D
JamesC: ciao
RitaSeco: Byeee! :)
claragomes: Thank you for coming James bye
CBraz: arigato e adios
Pipasss: bye!
rlgames: adios mpts
-annie: sh.... I am too late
GeZawi: :)
Joni25: bye bye, thanks
barbarasousa: oohh...you just arrive now?
JamesC: my pleasure, Clara
barbarasousa: annie?
-annie: yes, sorry, had an appointment before, am just home
Mbotelha: sorry
claragomes: I annie
-annie: a pity I missed you all
claragomes: next time
-foxylady: i have recorded it but missed the very beginning
-annie: neext time
claragomes: It was really fun
JamesC: do a repeat performance!
JamesC: encore
barbarasousa: sorry annie!
claragomes: that\'s an idea - I will talk with the students
JamesC: encoreencoreencoreencore encore encore
-annie: it\'s me who is sorry, yes encore
claragomes: maybe in some weeks - and in english
-annie: I like the skincolor coming up every now and then
JamesC: yes, Clara! if possible
claragomes: I am also trying to engage some people in preapring perfromances fro water day
JamesC: no pressure to speak english tho. the translation was helpful
-foxylady: can be in Portugese with a translation in the chat at the same time....
-foxylady: great! WATER WORKS!
-annie: :) bye
JamesC: deadline Feb 28
-foxylady: bye Annie!
barbarasousa: bye!
claragomes: Ok James. Bye Annie
JamesC: bye annie
-annie: warn me for next time!
-foxylady: Bye everyone!
GeZawi: Bye ;)
-foxylady: i did post on twitter, netarti and FB 30minutes before
claragomes: sorry I had an operation and was not very active in the last weeks
GeZawi: nice to have you guys here!\r~
barbarasousa: yes, thank you all for coming!!
-foxylady: oooh, i hope you feel better Clara
claragomes: Thanks foxy
Joni25: bye bye
claragomes: Bye now - dinner calls.