suzon: hello!
suzon: audience?
suzon: tom, lila! great
suzon: there are 4 guests unidentified...
JamesC: hi peeps
suzon: fam \rrom Brisbane
suzon: oops am from Brisbane
JamesC: i love remote listening
JamesC: and the phrase
atefehkhas: hi
atefehkhas: Thanks
-Ade: i\'m in
-marischka: hi again :)
suzon: Hi Marischka!
-mariap: Hello
atomme: yup
-marischka: wow
-marischka: haha
atefehkhas: yes
atefehkhas: great
-sonja: people can see the map on their own screen by going here:
atefehkhas: thanks
atefehkhas: oh
atefehkhas: interesting
-marischka: have to go :( , hope to learn more another time. Very interesting indeed. \rbye for now!
JamesC: ciao
atefehkhas: after all these setting, the box would start to work?
JamesC: hope you do folow it up. it wouldbe great you are involved in the network
atefehkhas: when must be online and stream the sound ?
Dawns: pi sd card downloads here:
atefehkhas: ok
JamesC: woohoo
Dawns: thanks
Dawns: battery like this:
Dawns: this kind of thing will power the pi
Dawns: it is very portable
Dawns: it will power both the pi and the mobile all night
atefehkhas: thnak you
atefehkhas: i will try different places after recieving the box
Dawns: great
Dawns: we are talking about this capsule
Dawns: they use it in the sony recorders
Dawns: v good quality omni mic
Dawns: lots of sellers on ebay
Dawns: you can buy the mics already wires up, adds a little more to the cost
Dawns: *wired up
-mariap: stream is up, not using my toolkit
-mariap: just onboard mics on iphone
-sonja: what is it called?
-sonja: found it
-mariap: it is london_mobile_mariap
suzon: thank you!
suzon: tis is great....
suzon: hopefully we will listen to your sawn Atefeh and Ade.... and also on World Listening Day! :-)
suzon: oops not sawn/dawn
suzon: funny phone ringing/buzzing
Dawns: archives here
Dawns: from 2015
Dawns: bye
atefehkhas: Thnak every body
atefehkhas: now i must to leave here
Dawns: thanks for your questions
atefehkhas: Hope to recieve to box James and stream the sound of Tehran
suzon: thanks Dawns.... behind the scene
Dawns: always...
suzon: and thank you Grant! and Maria
JamesC: yes Atefeh. but you know it will be Grant sending it. I was simply a middle man to introduce you to him
-sonja: thanks + thanks for the links, Dawns
Dawns: no problem, if you have other questions just email us
-mariap: thanks everyone, looking forward to your streams when set up.
JamesC: thanks Maria
-mariap: Please do contact us if you have more questions and for joining Reveil 2016
-sonja: mariap, can you paste the Reveil 2016 url
Dawns: we are still making the pages for this year, but they will be indexed from here
suzon: please join us for the last session on this Tap in 30 minutes
suzon: very last session :-) no more Waterwheel after that!
-sonja: tx. i am in new zealand but am in europe part of the year too, but know sound people here in new zealand who might be interested.
Dawns: great, we need more streams in nz!
-sonja: ok dawns will contact you via the email.
Dawns: great thanks will look out for it
-mariap: sonja Dawns copied the link and you can also find more info about the project in our index page
-mariap: get in touch at
-mariap: not soure how to copy links properly in here
Dawns: sounds like a good place to wrap
soundcamp: ok good plan
-sonja: sent an email
-mariap: ok great! we will reply shortly
-mariap: thank you
Dawns: yes james is frozen unfortunately
Dawns: the tech is telling us it\'s time to go
-mariap: autodestruction time
-mariap: :)
Dawns: classic
-sonja: good night/ po marie
-sonja: thanks everyone
-mariap: thank you all
Dawns: good night/ morning and thanks all