lilamoore: hi almin
-hi: hi
-hi: I\'m send test file on Upwork
lilamoore: i can\'t open it. also i want to try with sound.
lilamoore: This is with sound
-hi: ok I\'m record this
lilamoore: i need you to record the chat box too
-hi: ok
-hi: Now I\'m recording whole screen
lilamoore: yes
-hi: 15 sec is enough
lilamoore: in the event i will need the all screen yes its enough
-hi: sending file wih sound and chat box
lilamoore: ok
-hi: chek
lilamoore: ok
WaterSense: hi, nice to meet you!
WaterSense: I hear you( clicking and working with keybord), also camera is on