DIY Live Audio Streaming workshop


Soundcamp will demonstrate technologies for setting up a temporary or long-term live audio stream using a mobile phone or a laptop and we will show how to build a dedicated streambox out of low cost components, using the Raspberry Pi micro computer and Primo microphone capsules to make up cheap, high quality stereo microphones, which can also be used for other projects.

Real time audio has the potential to create a compelling connection to a site, which can directly convey much of the feel and uniqueness of a location. A small but significant group of projects is establishing a network of streams from diverse soundscapes around the world. We'll talk about ways to get involved in this emerging community by taking part in soundCamp 2016 and the Reveil radio broadcast in May, joining the Locus Sonus open microphone network, participating in the Balance Unbalance conference around acoustics and ecology in Colombia, and contributing to World Listening Day 2016.

Soundcamps are outdoor events exploring sound and place, networked by the Reveil 24 hour broadcast which follows the sunrise around the globe on International Dawn Chorus Day, linking ecological and acoustic projects via real time audio streams. Reveil is a composition for radio collectively and collaboratively composed by a community including humans and non humans at soundcamps and streaming points around the world. Reveil shakes up expectations about what it is to perform, make work, be an audience, be a listener, be an artist; and radically expands the field of materials available for live composition.

SoundCamp is an arts collective based in London.

1. Introduction
2. Demonstration
3. Hands on making
4. Questions and answers
5. Next steps to be involved


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